When Michelle had first seen Jim’s present she had thought it was a bad joke, but he had insisted she put it on.  The cheap plastic necklace’s message was demeaning but he had been so earnest in his request she had done it anyway.

As soon as the plastic beads touched her skin she felt a wave a heat run through her body.  When it hit her pussy, it rebounded straight up her spin and exploded in a series of firework in her mind.  She let out a soft moan as her body started to change.

Her short brunette hair lightened and flowed down across her shoulders.  Her clothes shimmered and morphed, revealing her new large breasts.  The few extra pounds on her body vanished, leaving a tanned and toned sex goddess behind.

Finally, as the changes completed, a massive orgasm hit her.  Her eyes roles back in her head and she let out a passionate scream of ecstasy.

Once she returned to her new reality, she smiled at Jim, running her tongue over her plump new lips.

“So, like do you wanna play with Missy?”