Jim was always mad when she took the car without asking.

‘He loves that car more than me!’ she though as she opened the door to go out shopping to spend some more of his money. She’d make sure to spend enough he wouldn’t ignore her and go out to the track with the car this weekend!

She started to turned the key and felt an odd shock, letting go of it before actually starting the car.

“Ouch! Oh… what….mmmmmm” she fell back in to the seat as strange sensations flowed up her arm and in to her brain.

A sudden urge to masturbate came over her and she started to rub her pussy through her dress. The urge strengthened and she quickly pulled the dress down and off, followed by her bra and panties.

As she masturbated, thoughts and images entered her mind. Jim fucking her bent over the roof of the car. Giving Jim a blowjob as they drove down the highway. Jim’s dick driving hard in to her pussy as she purred at the pleasure. Jim telling her what to do and each time she complied another jolt of pleasure went through her body.

A final though of Jim commanding her to cum entered her mind and a massive orgasm followed as she called out “Yes master!”

She bathed in the afterglow as Jim watched from the steps of the garage door. He smiled down at her, the new security system on the car had cost a bundle, but he was sure it had been worth it now.