It had started so simply, a choker from her boyfriend as a gift for a formal ball they were going to, but the feel of it around her neck had been exhilarating for some reason. Later that night as they were making love, she’d left it on and her climax had been better than ever.

Soon afterwards she’d stopped having sex without something wrapped around her neck. Then, when he’d brought what could only be considered a collar to the bedroom, she’d hesitated for a moment, but only a moment before putting it on herself. He fucked her for hours that night and she’d loved every minute of it.

Now, six months later, she waited for him to get home. She’d finished her chores for the day and had changed in to his favorite outfit. She’d put the collar on first of course and it wouldn’t be coming off even as he used her body as he liked to attach the least to it and direct her with little tugs on way or the other. She’d been learning what each one meant and hoped he’d soon give her some one ones practice.