The Amazing Amazon tensed her long, lean frame against the door, trying to hear anything from within the Darkania embassy. It had been dark for hours, the staff had left earlier in the evening and she knew Dr. Taylor was on his way to Darkania in his private jet with the others.

Getting some dirt on him was the first step in getting him ejected from the country so they could separate him from his victims and try and recover their fallen comrades. She pulled out the auto-pick the Flying Rodent had given her (a strange name she though as flight wasn’t one of his powers, in fact she always had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what his power was) and made her way in.

Sneaking through the lower floor revealed nothing of interest, mostly offices and other official rooms. The second floor held more promise with Dr. Taylors private study, but she found nothing written down and the computers securely locked. Even the Flying Rodents auto-hack failed to get her in to the systems.

She made her way down to the basement and found a long corridor of rooms, checking each one in turn she stumbled upon a room filled with filing cabinets. She entered the room, the door automatically closing behind her and pulled on the first drawer. It of course was locked but the auto-pick made short work of the security and and drawer slide open easily after that.

Focused on the contents Amazing Amazon couldn’t have noticed the invisible, odorless gas being pumped in to the room, activated when the filing cabinet had been opened. When her vision started to blur and she realized something was wrong it was too late. She rushed the door but ineffectively tried to break it down as the gas was sapping the strength from her with each passing second.

She hit the floor moments later.

She came too sometime later, laid bare on a table, nothing holding her down, she reacted out of instinct and jump off the table. Or tried to, but her body didn’t budge. Managing to move her head slightly she looked around and found Dr. Taylor standing beside her, but her real problem was her golden whip, tied lightly around her waist, it’s magic keeping her in place.

“Well Amazing Amazon, I have to say I didn’t expect the stealth approach from you and I had to disappoint several senior politicians in Darkania, but I have to say I’m happy to see you anyway.”

“Let me go now Dr. Taylor and I’ll go easy on you!”

“Oh I don’t think so. There’s a certain General Trevor who has been very helpful to me over the last few months, getting his co-operation though was more difficult. It required me to promise that if you ever came in to my little circle of friends, I’d have to make you available to him. Apparently when you rejected him all those years ago he held quite a grudge.

Now LJ, go and grab the Hydro Silicone Injector and the Solar Melanin Blancher, General Trevor had some requests for her..” Dr. Taylor said as he moved the programming helmet over her head.

Amazing Airbags was by the pool when General Trevor came home, she was tanning again but as always failed to darken her pearl white skin, she didn’t understand how even after the General had explained how Dr. Taylor had removed her skin’s ability to change colour. The only colour on her body was on her face, where she applied her heavy makeup and blush each day and kept it perfect by touching it up whenever needed.

He’d also tried to explain how Dr. Taylor had given her the large tits that now were straining against her bikini top. She hated wear the top, but the General seemed to like it for some reason, he said he loved watching her titty fuck him with it on.

The general strode out from the house and she raised her glasses as he approached, ‘He’s a god, I’m so lucky to be his!’

He pulled her close grabbed the back of her head with his hand and kissed her, pushing his tongue deep in to her mouth and she reciprocated. After a moment he pulled her back and pushed her down, she quickly unzipped his pants and fished his dick out.

‘Like, oh my god, I’m so lucky today, I get to suck his cock. Maybe if I’m good enough he’ll fuck me too!’ she thought as she wrapped her lips around him.