She had done it all for him, spent hours at the salon getting her hair just right. Days finding the perfect outfit, weeks in the gym to fit in to it. Now she stood before him and her nerves took over… did she get it right? Was it really the perfect outfit?

Her hand unconsciously rose to her face and touched her jawline, was her makeup right?

No! She couldn’t think like that! He’d said not to think at all and she focused on letting her mind empty out. A good doll doesn’t think, a good doll only obeys. She let her hand fall to her side again, her mind empty.

“Good doll, you have done well. Now lets see exactly how well.”

He walked over and she remained still. He placed his hand on her taught stomach and moved it up to her breasts. Her mind remained empty. He turned her around and smacked her ass hard through the latex skirt. The doll accepted his touch without a response.