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IceLase came at the problem the only way she knew how, cold and logical.

All told, the evil doctor had captured at least 11 heros and she was determined not to make it an even dozen!

She reviewed what little information they had on what had happened to the other and afterwards came to the inescapable conclusion they had all made the same basic mistake. They’d tried to go after the doctor on his own turf.

He clearly had significant resources now with Darkania supporting him and he had been brilliant well before that. He had surly booby trapped his embassy and with all those brain washed hero’s at his beck and call no one stood a chance in that place.

No she had to use her powers to her advantage and get him when he was not expecting it, force him out in the open where her powers could be fully brought to bear.

Recently he had canceled a trip to Darkania mid-flight the night Amazing Amazon had gone missing and that was too much of a coincidence to be believe the cover story he had released to the press.

No, he’d be heading back again soon to make up for the canceled trip and all she had to do was wait for him to drive to the airport and she’d have her chance.

The limo flipped over as IceLase’s frozen ramp formed under it, Lady Justice was the first out as she burst forth but she was ready for her and formed an ice cocoon around her before she had made it ten feet in to the air. She hit the ground hard but the shell kept her immobile and out of the way.

Miss United was another problem all together as she and Night Vixen emerged from the limo. IceLase didn’t relent and pushed hard, blasting a series of icicles at her opponents, splitting them up. She managed to knock Night Vixen to the side with a sheet of ice and then focused on Miss United.

That was her mistake. She didn’t notice the second car come to a stop just up the road and the three women step out. Honey Ready quickly evaluated the situation, IceLase was strong and in the open had the area attacks to take out large groups, she turned to Dusk Lightning and The Siren and said “Ok girls, time to go to work, Dusky, hit her from behind with an energy attack, Siren you free Lady Justice with a sonic blast to break up that ice! Go!”

IceLase heard the sonic scream before the lighting bolt hit her in the back and she knew she was in trouble. She hit the ground hard and Miss united was on top of her quickly delivering blow after blow. She managed to push her off with an ice blast that slide her away from Miss United but found no safty as it delivered her right to the recently freed Lady Justice.

The hammer blow that came down on her rendered her completely unconscious and ended the battle.

When IceLase awoke she could feel the heat from the overhead infrared lamp blasting down on her. She felt dry, hot and out of energy as the air around her was devoid of any moisture that she could draw on.

“My applogies IceLase, the discomfort won’t last long, but it is necessary to keep you from doing something we’d both regret.” he tilted his head toward the row of super powered women standing at the foot of the table she was strapped down to. In another time it would have been a joyous occasion to have them all together in one place, but this was not that time.

“Now then just relax, this won’t take long at all.” He said as he placed the programming helmet over her head.

Icy waited by the couch, she was in LA and she didn’t like the heat but she was on loan to another porn company as none of the other would work with her. They were still mad about her attacking the limo and almost huring the doc. To be honest, she was mad at herself too for that.

She’d offered to lick all their pussies until they came, as often as they liked, but they said that wasn’t good enough and so the doctor had sent her away for a while until things settled down with the others. So here she was, her new uniform reflecting the lights from the set, waiting to do her scene.

At least there was one good thing about LA, with the ocean so close there was always lots of moisture in the air for her to form her ice dildo’s. It was the most popular part of her show, she’d suck on them, lick them, grow them, shrink them and all kinds of tricks.

Then, when the director told her too, she’d shove one deep in her pussy, keeping it nice and hard with her powers, slowly growing it wider and longer with each thrust. She keep going until it was too much and she’d cum so hard she’d squirt out a long stream that froze in mid air.

She hoped she’d soon get to go back to the others, she was sure she’d be able to convince them of how sorry she was and then they’d all get to see all kinds of tricks she had learned in LA!