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Julia watch the man in the white robe flick the needle before he injected it in to her arm.  She felt the warm liquid flow through her veins and reach her head.  The warmth felt wonderful and a smile crossed her lips as they removed the makeshift gag her captors had placed over her mouth.

“There now, doesn’t that feel better?” the man in the white jacket said.

Julia just giggled in response as she floated away on a cloud of pink bliss.

Julia felt hands pick up her body and set it back down on another cold table and goosebumps crawl all over her body so she let out another giggle and let her head fall to one side.

A sudden warmth suddenly emerged from her body and her hands, now free roamed down to her pussy to find it.

“Oh, I see the second part of the serum has kicked in.”  he said as she let out a moan this time instead of a giggle as he hands continued to explore her body.

“That’s good, now all we have to do is wait for the final part of the serum to kick in and we can start with the basic programming.”

Julia didn’t hear anything he said as her fingers worked deeper and deeper in to her pussy.  Soon it was too much and she let out a cry of pleasure as she fell from her loft cloud right in to a pool of pure bliss.

“Ah, there it is, now we can begin.”

Julia sat on the edge of her bed, naked in the clean white room, as she waited.

No thought had passed through her mind after she had been ordered to stay by the attendant, her base programming held her enthralled to the entire staff’s commands until she received her final programming and was delivered to her owner.

When the attendant returned, he had with him another man, who Julia would have recognized as the man that had made the deal for her, if she still could think of such things.

“Ah, I see everything completed without any problems?”

“Oh yes Doctor, no complications, 100% acceptance of the base program.”

“Good, I’ve received a generous offer on her and the paperwork should be completed later today.  Get her prepped for physical modification, we’ll start on her later today assuming we get sign-off on the proposal.”

The Doctor left, leaving the attendant behind.

“Stand up Julia and follow me.”

Julia obeyed as they walked down the hall way towards the medical wing of the facility.

As Julia sat down on to the chair in the VIP lounge, she pulled her jacket open so the client could see her large fake tits and tanned body.  She pulled the jacket off and let it drop to the floor and crossed her legs one over the other as she pouted her lips and pushed her tits together, the leather strap squeezed between them.

The client spoke in a foreign language, just like all the locals did, but she didn’t need to understand as he programming guided her up from the chair and over to his lap.  She started dancing, grinding his crotch and taking off her outfit until he was hard and she was naked.

Her fingers expertly found his zipper and fished his stiff member from his pants, her thick, plump lips wrapped themselves around it.  Like most of them men she serviced, he didn’t last long and she received her reward and her orgasam followed right afterwards.

Inspired by @juliatobimbo.