Jessica sat behind the VIP desk of the casino as he approached and sat down across from her.  She put on her best smile and said hello to the whale.

“How have you been Mr. Carson?”

“Very good Jessi, yourself?”

Jessica shuttered inwardly at being called Jessi, she hated it but Mr. Carson was the kind of client the casino needed and she knew better than to nit pick over small things like that.

“Find Mr. Carson, I have your usual suite all set, here is the key card and the high limit table is ready any time you are.”

“Thanks Jessi, you always have everything just the way I like it.”

“It’s my pleasure.” she lied and passed him his room key.

“You know you should really let me treat you to something special…”

He’d hit on her a dozen times over the last year or so and she did her best not to winch outwardly this time.

“Well you know it’s against the casino’s policy, by thank you for the thought.”

The next day Jessica was back at her desk, she was surprised when Mr Carson came back in to the office.  

She normally didn’t see him again until checkout, though it didn’t look like there was a problem as he had a wide grin on his face.

He held out his hand and she shook it instinctively, as their hands touched a slight jolt ran up her arm.

“Just want to drop by and say thank you again for doing such a wonderful job getting everything arranged last night Jessi.  The gambling was fantastic and I had an interesting conversation with one of your managers as well.”

He let go of her hand and for some reason a small twang of disappointment cross her mind.

“Just doing my job Mr. Carson.”

He continued the small talk for a while and she humored him as always, at least for the first few minutes, then for some reason she wanted it to continue.

She was so involved in the conversation she didn’t even notice as they left the VIP area and around the corner to the bar.

When he said he had to get back to the game and bid her farewell, her heart sank slightly, until in leaned in and gave her a kiss.  Then her whole body tingled and her stomach muscles twitched with excitement.

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was doing, getting all dressed up for her date with Mr. Carson.  It had been a strange few days, Mr. Carson would drop by the VIP area near the end of her shift and she’d find herself going out with him.  Each day she looked forward to it more and more.

Last night, they’d gone back to his suite and when he’d taken her to the bedroom she’d lost all control and orgasmed so many times she’d passed out.

Now, as she headed back to the casino, her pussy was twitching with anticipation.

She pulled in to the parking garage and entered the employee’s entrance, her high heels clicking on the concrete floor.  Her tight dress came to just above her knees and revealed her long lean legs.

As she road the elevator up to Mr Carson’s suite, she double checked her hair and makeup, making sure it was perfect.

She knocked on the door he greeted her, an amazing tingling running all over her body.

“My you look very nice Jessi.”

“Thank you Mr. Carson.” she replied, a wave of pleasure coming over her at the complement.

He pulled her inside and kissed her, she wrapped her arms around him and returned it, lost in the bliss that had encompassed her.

He released his lips from hers, “Oh don’t be so formal Jessi, when we’re alone, call me Sir.”

“Of course Sir!”  Jessi responded as the small orgasm took hold of her.

The next thing she knew she was bent over the couch, her dress pulled up over her hips, her own voice echoing around the room.

“Yes Sir, fuck Jessi, fuck Jessi’s tight pussy SSSSIIIRRRRR!!!” she cried as another orgasm washed over her.

“That’s right Jessi, you want to make sure I’m the happiest guest at the casino, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Sir!  Jessi will do anything to make you happy!”

Moments later Jessi passed out as he came inside of her.

Jessi sat on the chair of the suite, her hands behind her head, her long dark hair dangling over her bare breasts waiting for him to arrive.

It was her job to make sure she have everything just the way he like it, and he liked her naked and ready to fuck as soon as he arrived.