Julia looked around the bowling ally, it was deserted but they still had the party lights on, as if that was going to draw more people in on a Sunday night.

“Karen, why did you drag me out here tonight?!”

“Oh come on Julia, it’s not that bad and the guy at the counter is kind of cute…”

Julia looked over at the counter, the man behind it was much older than them and cute wasn’t really the word she would have used.

“Ewww… really?  That’s just gross!”

Julia grabbed a ball and got ready to throw it, “Hey Julia, look this way and smile!”

She turned around and her friend held up her camera, Julia smiled as the flash went off.

Before she could turn again the lights from the bowling ally splashed across her face and hit her directly in the eyes.

Instinctively she tried to shut them but instead they opened wide as the light started to change colour.  Still looking towards her friend, she saw the guy behind the counter come around and head towards them.

Karen just smiled, snapping another picture with her phone as Julia stood completely still, wide eyed, holding the ball beside her head.

When the man finally strode up behind Karen, he reached around her and grabbed her breasts.  Karen’s head leaned back in to him and she let out a moan.

The light intensified and Julia’s sight faded to white as her mind went blank.

“Did I do good Sir?” Karen asked as Jason groped her tits.

“Yes, you did very well, she’ll be a fine addition.”

Karen let out another low moan, “Thank you Sir!”

“Now get undressed and then undress her as well while I start the programming.”  He said, stepping out from behind Karen and walking around Julia.

He pulled out a set of wireless ear-buds from his pocket and placed them in Julia’s ears, then he pulled out his phone and started the pre-recorded message.

Julia’s mind soaked up the message as it played, “You exist to serve.  To serve is pleasure.  Pleasure is your purpose.  Your purpose is to obey.  To Obey is to serve.  You exist to serve.”

As the loop continued the now naked Karen took the ball from Julia’s hand and began undressing her.  When she was done, she stood beside Julia and waited.

Karen could just hear the mantra from the ear-buds as it repeated and as she stood their she echoed the words.  A few minutes later, Julia’s voice joined Karen’s as Jason watched from the seats.

After several more repetitions, Jason stopped the mantra as they both continued to repeat it, feeding off each other’s voices as they continued.

“Stop.” he called out and they both fell silent.

“Come over here and pleasure your master.”

Both girls stepped forward in unison and stood before him, kneeling down, just as they pulled his pants down, they said “To serve is pleasure.  Pleasure is our purpose.” and Jason plucked the ear-buds from Julia’s head.

The mantra stopped as Karen took the tip of his dick in to her mouth and Julia, holding his balls in her hand sucked them in to her mouth.

Inspired by @juliatobimbo.