Vanessa hated the late night shift at the small airport lounge, it was always dead with just a few stragglers waiting for the last flights out before they closed down for the night.

Tonight, there was no one there, the only reason they hadn’t close up yet was the one inbound flight that was still in the air.  It was scheduled to land shortly but it couldn’t be too soon for the mood she was in.

She ran her hand through her short hair, she still couldn’t get use to it.  She always had long hair, but time had caught up to her and she look out of place with the rest of her friends now so she’d given in and cut it.

Vanessa stretch out and twisted in her seat to try and get the stiffness out of her limbs.  She smoothed down her purple airline uniform, the pants and jacket matched while the shirt was a much lighter shade, almost white.

As she finished, she heard the roar of the jet engines come up to the terminal and she let out a sigh, her day was almost done.

It was a small private jet and after the door opened Vanessa saw a single gentleman come out and approach the terminal.  She squinted to get a closer look at him but for some reason she just couldn’t quite make out his features.

He entered the lounge area and a chill ran down her spine, just as she was about to look away, she finally made out his eyes.  The cold red glow that came from them froze her in place.

The, the chill that had run down her spine, retreated back up to her head and spread out over her entire body.

She let out a small gasp as she felt the changes start.  She had always kept in good shape but her muscles seemed to come to life as her entire body tightened.  Then she felt the cool air touch her arms as her jacket sleeves retreated up to her shoulders and disappeared.

She managed to look down slightly as the blouse she was wearing disappeared completely and the purple jacket changed from a heavy cotton to a shear synthetic.

Then her long brown hair dropped in front of her eyes as her mind was overcome by a dense fog.

Nessa blinked as she watched her VIP passenger walking towards the terminal door.  She almost panicked but managed to pull herself together and chase after him, her high heel stiletto’s echoing throughout the terminal as she did.

She caught up to him just before the door closed behind him and she followed him out to the curb, keeping pace just a few steps behind him.  The limo was waiting and he disappeared in to it’s dark interior, leaving the door open behind him.

She hurried inside and pulled the door closed behind her, the limo pulled smoothly away from the curb as she knelt down in front of him, his glowing eyes locked on to her.

Her hands found his zipper and soon her lips found his manhood.

She pulled in to to her mouth and started to suck.

‘God…’ she thought as it slide down her thought, ‘I love these late night shifts, especially when I get to go home with an important VIP!’

A small orgasm stuck her at the thought, follow by a much larger one a short while later as she swallowed his cum for the first of many times that night.