Carol sat on the bed, her satin encased hand touching her face, staring directly at Tom without a thought running through her head.

Tom pressed a button on the remote and her breasts started to grow from the small b cups she had had all her life to much larger and fuller tits.

Tom continued to work buttons without noticing the expression on Carol’s face start to change.  Then her eyes blinked, followed by a thought.

Then a second thought, followed by a third passed through her mind as her body relaxed and she let out a deep breath.

“Oh shit…” Tom said as he banged the remote against the palm of his hand.

“Tom… what… what’s going… on?” Carol managed to get out.

“Just hold tight honey, I’ll be right back.  Everything is going to be fine.”

Tom rushed out of the bedroom and Carol followed his movements with her head lazily until he passed in front of the full length mirror and she stopped to stare at what she saw.

She managed to roll off the bed and stand up, moving towards the mirror, her reflection was that of another woman.

Well, she had to admit, not quite.  It was still her, just a more perfect version of her.  Younger, prettier, sexier.  With huge boob!

She raised her hands to the large globes on her chest and the silk gloves provided an amazing feeling as her hard nipples were caressed by them.

She heard a crash coming from downstairs, “Tom!  What’s going on?!?”, she shouted out of the bedroom as she approached the doorway.

“Nothing honey, just wait there, I’ll be right up!” she hear him reply as she reached the top of the stairs.

Tom appeared at the base of the stair case just as she was about to take the first step down, she stopped and started to form a question in her mind just as Tom held up a black remote and pressed a button.

Carol’s mind went blank again as Tom walked back up the stairs.  He stepped around her and pressed another button on the remote as he walked back in to the bedroom.  Carole followed behind him, obvious to everything but the act of placing one foot in front of the other.

“Dam it, I knew I should have picked up batteries on the way home!” Tom said aloud to no on in particular.

Carol dropped to her knees, opened her mouth and waiting, her mind blank as the next command from the remote had not yet entered it.