Danica pulled her cheek up off the cool stone step and tried to clear her head.  The last thing she remembered was telling her husband she wasn’t feeling up to going to the party tonight.

She pushed herself slightly upright and realized she was dressed in a tight black party dress and by the darkness outside the window she could tell it was late at night.

Jason walked around the corner and she shot him a harsh glare.

“Look Jason, I don’t know how you’ve been doing this but it had better stop right now!” she almost yelled out to him.

It wasn’t the first time she’d lost track of time and found herself in a strange and unwanted position.

Just last week she’d been going to the salon to get her hair done and the next thing she remembered was sitting in front of her makeup desk at home.  She was combing out her honey blond hair and had stopped mid stroke, gawking at it as it had been a dark brown the last time she had seen in.

Jason smiled a wicked little thing and walked up the stairs to the side of her, without saying a word.

She pushed herself up and dusted herself off as she turned to use the lower floor guest room for the night, she heard Jason call out.

“Are you coming to bed Dani?”

Danica froze in place as her eyes rolled back in her head and then reappeared.  A bright smile crossed her face as she called out, “Of course sir!”

Dani clip, clopped up the stairs and quickly found her way to Jason who was sprawled out on the bed, naked.

She started to kick off her shoes when Jason spoke, “Leave them on honey, you look good in them.”

A small orgasm washed over her from the compliment and she jumped on to the bed, her lips finding his cock and taking it in to her mouth.

‘God,’ she thought as she sucked, ‘why can’t that bitch Danica just leave me alone so I can suck his amazing cock all the time!’

Dani worked hard on Jason’s cock, she focused on the pleasure, that always chased the bitch away.  She knew soon she’d be able to stay as long as she wanted to, Danica was growing weaker by the day, but until then she had to make the most of her time with her owner.