Sandra inspected the kitchen for any issues as John, the contractor she’d hired to do the work, watched patiently.

She looked over every inch and doubled checked all the fittings were correct.  She even got down on to her knees and checked along the bottom of the cabinets to make sure they fit perfectly.

She stood up and brushed off the knees of her jeans and a bit of dust that had been caught on her sweat shirt before turning to John and giving him a grudging node of approval.

She pulled out her check book and handed him the final installment.

“So everything is to your liking?” John asked.

“It all looks satisfactory at the moment, but I’ll let you know if I find anything.”

“Of course.  Oh, one last thing, did you take a look inside the microwave?”

“No, why, should I?”

“Just a little something extra we did for you.”

She turned opened the microwave, there was something on the back but she couldn’t quite make it out so she leaned in a bit.  As her face crossed the threshold of the opening something strange caught her attention, the light seemed to be flickering and she thought she could almost make out a high pitched wine.

Sandra tried to focus on the writing on the back of the microwave but found it harder and harder to do so with the distracting light and noise until she just gave up and watched and listened.

John watched Sandra, the client from hell, leaned farther and farther in to the microwave.  He’d spend weeks of extra time on the job trying to make her happy and he had lost a lot of money on the job, money he couldn’t afford.  Normally he’d just have stopped returning her calls and take the chance she’d take him to small claims court, but it wasn’t until it was too late he’d found out she was a lawyer.

When she’d started demanding perfection on every little thing he’d reached out to some friends and found the last contractor she’d had had gone bankrupt due to the law suit she’d filed against him for the bathroom he’d done for her.

So instead, he’d reached out to a different set of friends.  Friends that didn’t work through the legal system but always got results.

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed the number, “It’s John, she’s all yours.”

“Good, she’ll be there for a while so just take off, we’ll handle it from here.”

Sandra blinked and pulled herself away from the microwave, looking around she didn’t see John, but just shrugged it off.

She headed to her bedroom and turned in for the night, not giving it another thought.

The rest of the week passed by quickly, each night she would come home and admire her new kitchen.  Then she’d remember about the microwave and once more try to figure out what was on the back of it.

On Saturday, Sandra decided to spend the day taking care of herself, she booked an appointment at the stylist in the afternoon and spent the morning shopping at the mall.  When she arrived home she rummaged through her new purchases and found a light blue blouse, a tight vinyl skirt and a fabulous pair of high heels to wear.

The she went in to the bathroom and applied her makeup, fluffing out her newly styled hair.  She’d decided at the salon to get rid of the tight bun she’d preferred for the last several years and instead let her hair cascade down her shoulders and back.

She stood up and walked out to the kitchen, looking at the microwave once more she steeled herself once more to find out what was on the back of it.

She didn’t hear the door to her condo open or close, nor John’s footsteps approaching her from behind.

She did feel his hand press against her firm ass cheek and the moan that escaped her lips.

She pulled out of the microwave and turned to see John smiling, “Wha…what are you doing here?”

“I’m your first client.  Here’s your fee.”  He said handing her an envelope.

She shook her head and took the envelope, inside was several hundred dollars.

“But, I don’t… I’m…” she managed to get out before he pulled her towards him and kissed her.  His hand once more found her ass and squeezed.

She found herself returning the kiss and pushing herself in to him.

He broke off the kiss and her head swam with conflicting emotions.

“Now, let’s go to the bedroom Sandy and we can get started, I only have you for an hour after all.”

Sandy’s head cleared immediately and she smiled at her client, “Of course baby, right this way.”

Sandy loved her job, her boss’s would send over her clients each night and she’d get to fuck them all!  Sure, she didn’t get to keep the money, but they let her stay in a great condo downtown and they gave her an allowance to by sexy clothes with.