Jen sat in her office listening to her patient speak of his day.  We, he was a therapist as well so she didn’t know if patient was really the right term but it was the only one she had so it would have to do.

She’d moved in to the building a few months ago not knowing another therapist had an office there, but there was no conflict, in fact most therapists found it beneficial.  They often had to refer clients to other practitioners and it never hurt to have someone to talk to who had many of the same issues.

A few weeks after she’d settled in he’d dropped by and introduced himself and shortly after that they’d each started giving the other a half a hour a week, after all the other clients had left.

Today was his turn to “get it off his chest” so to speak and as always she took notes to make sure she could look back at them in the future.

He was talking about one of his patients, no names or other personal details of course, detailing his troubles getting any progress with her and she nodded in understanding.

She flipped back a few pages to check her notes from two sessions ago, she was pretty sure he’d mentioned her before.  She scanned the page and found the note about her, a small doodle of a set of lips wrapped around a dick, the patient had an oral fixation.  She added a bit more detail as he spoke.

He continued on to another patient and she was sure she had a note about her as well, a quick search revealed a doodle of an ass being whipped with a cat-o-nine tails.  She nodded knowingly, the patient had a BDSM fetish and she filled in some more of the doodle.

Jen uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them the other way as her pussy was starting to tingle, he certainly did have a lot of patients with sexual issues.

She flipped though her notebook again and found the next patient he was speaking of, he’d spoken of her quite a bit over the last few weeks so the sketch was very detailed already. It was a bust of a woman with a very large chest, the patient had a fixation on increasing her breasts through surgery and had already gone for several enlargements.

A tingle emanated from her nipples and she unbuttoned her top to try and cool down as her mind started to wander.

As he finished speaking she looked up and clicked her pen closed before putting in her notebook, closing it and setting it on the coffee table.

“Now, I know you have an open mind about therapeutic techniques from the descriptions you’ve told me of your own practice.  If you’re open to it, I’d like to try something I think will help?”

He simply nodded in reply and she stood up.

“This might seems… unorthodox, but I’m quite convinced it will be very effective.” she said as she walked over to the couch he was reclined in.  She dropped her jacket on the floor as she did so and let her skirt slide down her stocking clad legs and she stepped out of it.

Kneeling beside the couch, she found the zipper to his pants and opened it, sliding her hand inside to find the tool she wanted to work with.

“Now, just relax and let me do all the work.” she said as she wrapped her lips around it and started to work her therapeutic method.

It took her nearly five minutes to finally see any results but when he released his stress in to her she took it all and swallowed it down, letting her own stress go as well as an orgasm washed over her.  

She feel back on to her haunches as a smile crossed her lips, satisfied she’d performed her new technique properly and the smile across his face told her it had been very effective.