John looked over his shoulder again but she was still tracking him through the club.  She had a clipboard and a pen, with her dull brown hair pulled back in to a bun.  He could guess who she worked for without having to ask.

He ducked towards the rear exit but before he managed to get there she intercepted him and stopped him in his tracks.

“Excuse me, can I see your vendor’s license?” she said.

“Oh, and who are you?” he fained ignorance.

She pulled out her official id, “Lindsay Brown, health inspector.”

“Well, I don’t technically need one, I’m not selling anything.” he replied.

“Oh really, so these aren’t for sale?” she pointed at the bag of lollipops he was carrying.

“Nope, I’m doing market research for these new alcohol flavoured lollipops.”

“So,” she said, reaching in to the bag and pulling out a handful, “I can just take as many as I like?”

“Of course.”

She pushed the handful in to her purse but kept one out.  She unwrapped it and took a sniff and John watched her eyes dilate and the lollipop quickly enter her mouth.  

He acted quickly, placing he arm around her waist and guided her out of the door and in to the alley behind the club.  She was sucking on the lollipop for all that she was worth and the changes had already started.

Her hair had started to lighten and take on a healthy sheen.  Her skin was tightening and her whole body was slimming.  As her hair extended past her shoulders it broke free of its restraints and fell in waves around her face.  But the most dramatic change were her lips, they ballooned out in to twin pillows that dominated her face.

As she finished the lollipop her eyes rolled back in to her head and she watched the orgasm roll over her.

“Now Linny, aren’t you just the best little helper I’ve every had.  Eager to do anything I ask, anything to promote my business.”

Linny walked through the club sucking on the lollipop John had given her scanning the crowd when here eyes caught a young woman standing in the corner.  Linny smiled and strode over to her, her tight dress sparkling in the lights of the club.

“Like, hi!  Do you want a free sample of these great new candies?”

The girl looked at her and hesitated before taking the proffered sample bag, “Uh… thanks… they’re really free?”

“Yep!  Just e-mail the address on the comment card with what you thought of them!”

“Thanks.” the girl replied as Linny walked back to John.

“Another happy client Linny?”

“Yes sir!  Did I do good?”

“Very good Linny.”

She smiled and pushed her lollipop back in to her mouth, “Like good enough to suck your cock yet?”

“Soon Linny, we’re almost done for the night just one more.” he said handing her another sample package.

She giggled and headed back out in to the crowd looking for her next target, he only other thought was how much she was going to enough wrapping her lips around John’s cock in the alley outside of the club.