Kimmy looked down at Sam in the bed and shook his shoulders but he didn’t wake up.

She pouted and bounced on the bed sending her large tits swaying every which way and so she giggled.

She shook Sam again but he still didn’t stir.  She wracked her brain as to what to do next but instead found it thinking about the great fuck Sam had given her last night before dozing off.  

Her hand drifted to her wet pussy as she remembered straddling him reverse cowgirl and bucking herself for all she was worth against his hard cock.

She’d come so hard at the end that the whole world shook and a loud noise echoed throughout the room.

When she’d finally come back to what little senses she had, she noticed the red welt on his forehead and kissed it better before drifting off for the night snuggled in close, feeling his chest rise and fall.

In the morning when she’d woken up, she gotten out of the bed and was confused.  She didn’t remember it being so low to the ground and there was a large painting on the floor she thought had been up on the wall the other day, but she brushed it off as another bimbo moment, she had more important things to do.

She spent over an hour getting herself ready, making sure her hair and makeup was perfect, the glitter was applied in just the right way and picking out the perfect wake up outfit for Sam.

A small orgasm washed over her as she looked at Sam lying in the bed again.

Gawd, she new before Sam had given her the pill she’d have known exactly what to do but now her brain was full of pink candy floss and she loved Sam for it!

She leaned in and kissed him on the lips, pushing her tongue between them and he still didn’t move.

Then she remembered the best way to wake Sam up in the morning!

She pulled the sheets down and found his limp dick, she took it in to her hands and licked it from base to tip.  Soon enough it started to harden she took in to her mouth.

She continued to work it but Sam didn’t stir.  She pulled off of it and straddled him again, sliding her pussy on to him.

Sam still didn’t stir and so she did the last thing she could think of and pulled him out of her, repositioned herself and slide his dick in to her ass.

If this didn’t work she didn’t know what she would do, but at she knew she’d have a massive orgasm.  Sam had told her how much of an anal slut she was when he’d given her the pill and he’d proved he was right so many times now she’d lost count.