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Manfred sat at his desk pondering the man and woman across from him.  It wasn’t often Manfred received guests at his hideout, but when he did, they often didn’t leave without causing a lot of damage.

This time he suspected it would be different, Dr. Taylor didn’t have a reputation of causing trouble but certainly did have one for finishing it.

His eyes passed over Lady Justice, standing just behind Dr. Taylor, the blonde was playing with her hair but her he knew she was a show of power.

“And so for this small ‘favour’ you want Dr. Taylor, what are you offering in return?”

“Well I have access to may things you may find interesting, what would you like?”

Manfred narrowed his eyes, “I may have something I desire that you could procure for me…” he said.

“And what might that be?”

“You know of my apprentice?”

“I believe she’s going by the name Abyss now isn’t she?”

“Yes, her betrayal has hurt me professionally… and personally.  One cannot be a master of information if one cannot see such an event coming.”

“I understand perfectly.  I believe I can help with that”

“Her ability to generate portals won’t be an issue?”

“What do you think LJ, any problem?”

“Like, gawd, I haven’t gotten to fight a supervillian for sooooo long!  I can’t wait! *giggle*”

Abyss heard the front door collapse, 6 inches of steel hitting the ground meant only one thing.  Superheros.

She checked the monitor and watched the streak cross the screen.  “Crap.” she said out loud and turned toward the door way.

Before she made it out of the room, Lady Justice stood before her.

“Double crap.“ she mumbled under her breath.

It was worse than superheros, it was Dr. Taylor’s super thug.

She quickly opened a portal in to the next room and stepped through, she quickly opened another portal to the street, but before she stepped in to it, she felt a sting on her left ass cheek.  She reached down and extracted the dart, looking up to the rafters she saw the glint of The Specialists scope as she stood up from the prone position.

She turned back to the portal and watched it shimmer and fade as the ground raced towards her.

Abby knelt on her pedestal, her latex covered hands resting on her knees, in the pose Manfred preferred her in.

When she’d been his apprentice, she’d been in a special with Manfred, now her special place was right here, on display in his front hallway.

The vibrator in her pussy started and she gasped and stood up.

She opened a portal to Manfred’s bedroom and stepped through, answering the summons as quickly as she could.

“Ah, very good, time for another lesson my apprentice.” he said as she appeared before him.

“Yes master, please teach me all that you know so I may serve you better, forever.” she recited again as she had many times over the last few months.

He smiled and pulled out his dick from his robe, she took her lesson in to her mouth and knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be.