I walked in to the lingerie shop looking for something for Ami, my current toy who was enjoying a day at the salon to look her best for me tonight.  I’d had her for several months but I wasn’t looking for a change yet, she was still a lot of fun but sometimes an opportunity presents itself that is just too good to pass up.

At the center of the store were two women behind the counter chatting, one, a tall brunette was dressed in a revealing outfit and was obviously a sales clerk.  The other, a shorter blonde was dressed in a stylish suit and was talking down to the brunette as if she was a child.

As I approached I could overhear the blonde berating her subordinate for poor customer service, “…the customer is always right, you just can’t say they don’t have the right body type for the outfit, no matter how true it is!”

“I’m sorry Miss Jakeson, I promise it won’t happen again!” the brunette replied sounding like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted the two, “is the manager here?”

Miss Jakeson turned to me and before the brunette could say anything replied, “Hi, I’m Caroline, I’m the regional manager.  Can I help you?”

“Yes, my wife was in the other day and was treated very rudely.  She didn’t get what she came here for and was very upset when she came home.”

“Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that.” she replied, throwing a glare at the brunette.  The poor girl looked confused and started to deny that it was her but thought better of it as the glare continued.

“I’d be happy to help you and please accept a 20% discount on your purchase today as an apology.”

“Well ok, we’ll see how it goes.”

“Of course, now what was she looking for?”

“Ah, well, something black and sexy, we have a special night coming up.”

Caroline smiled, showing her perfect white teeth and waved an arm towards the back of the store, “Oh, I think we can find something for her, please follow me.”

We arrived near the change rooms and she turned back to me, “So what size is your wife?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I’d say she was close to your size.  And I have to confess, she’s not my wife, just a girlfriend, I wanted it to sound more serious back at the counter.”

“Oh, that’s ok.  Let me grab something to show you.” she said as she walked to a rack of black lingerie and found something she liked.

“What do you think of this?” she said, holding it up to her body, the black lacy top, panties and stockings had several transparent areas.

“Humm, it looks nice, but I’m not sure.  Maybe if I saw it on you I might have a better look at it.”

Caroline smiled but I could see the cold heat behind her eyes, “I’m sorry, that’s against store policy.”

“Oh, I understand, but your the regional manager aren’t you?  You don’t have to follow store policy.”

“I… I… I guess not.” she replied, putting her hand up to her head as if she had a headache.  Which she most certainly did for a few seconds as her mind fought the new idea I pushed in to it.

“I’ll… be back in a minute.” she said as she opened the change room door and walked it.

A few minutes later she walked out dressed in the black lingerie she’d picked out.  The suit had hidden much more than I thought as he tight body showed off the lingerie perfectly.

“Oh yes, that’s much better, could you turn around?”

She turned her glare towards me, “Look, even as the regional manager I think it’s best I get changed back again…”

“Regional manager?  I thought you said you were the store manager?”

She blinked her eyes several times, “Yes, I’m sorry, store manager, that’s what I meant.”

“Don’t you think it’s more important to make sure I’m a satisfied customer then some silly rules?”

“Well, I guess…” she said as she turned slowly around on her high heels, giving me a good look at her tight, perfect ass.

“Yes, that’s quite nice, but maybe something in white?”

Caroline wobbled only briefly before heading back to the racks and finding something in white.

“Yes that look interesting, give it a try please.”

“O… k…” she said hesitantly and headed back in to the change room.  When she came back out, the white bra and panties left even less to the imagination then the black outfit had.

“So… do you think your girlfriend will like it?”

“Well, she’s not really my girlfriend, more like friends with benefits if you know what I mean.  I’m sure you have lots of guys coming to in buy for those kind of women, don’t you.”

“Well, as manager I…”

“Manager?  But I saw the manager talking down to you just before you offered to help me.  You’re just a sales girl.”

“I…am?  But…” she reached out to steady herself against the wall as the thoughts rolled over her mind.

“But white just isn’t right, do you have something in red?”

“Of course… just give me a… second.” she said, looking unsure of what was going on.

She returned with a red one piece corset and bra along with a pair of panties.

“So do you think your friend would like these?”

“Well, she’s not really my friend.  I mean I just met her today at the mall but she just couldn’t control herself when we met.”

“Oh… well… I guess you want me to try them on?” she said as she turned towards the change room again.

“Sure, but no one can see us back here, why use the change room?”

“Well… as a sales girl I have…”

“Sales girl, your not hired yet you know.”


“I mean I agreed to the other sales girl’s request to let you try out for the job by selling me some lingerie, but so far I haven’t bought anything yet.”

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I just don’t know where my head’s at today.” she said and stripped the white lingerie off in the middle of the store before slipped in to the red.

“Ummm… could you do up the corset please?” she asked.

I walked up behind her and pulled the strings tight, “Take a deep breath…” I said as she did so and I cinched it even more.

I tied it off and my hand found its way down to her nearly bare ass and a soft moan came from her lips.

“So… this woman you met at the mall today, do you think this would look good on her?”

“Yes, yes I do.  But you know I was talking to her for a while and I don’t know if I’d call her a woman.  No, I got the distinct impression she was nothing more than a sex doll, looking for her next owner to take her home.”

As gasp escaped Caroline’s lips as I squeezed her ass.

“Mmmmm… yea… that feels sooooo good! *giggle*”

“You know, maybe something in pink.”

Caroline turned around and bounced towards the racks again, returning with a simple pink g-string and bra.  She quickly changed in to them and spun around.

“So, like what do you think?”

“Oh those are perfect, I’ll take them.”

“So, like, I get the job?”


“Yea, like the sales girl gig?” she said, looking confused at my question.

“Honey, did you forget already?  We met just a little while ago outside the shop and all you could talk about was how much you wanted to be my perfect little sex doll, all you needed was the perfect pink lingire.”

“Oh my gawd, I’m like totally a ditz!  Like let me make it up to you…” she said as she dropped down to her knees and found my hard dick waiting for her perfect lips to wrap around.

I still hadn’t pick up any lingerie for Ami, but I’m sure Caroline would happily make it up to her once we got home.  If her blowjob was any indication, she’d make a pretty good pussy licker as well.