Kelly looked out the front door, the early morning sun shinning through the glass pane and she felt it’s warmth on her exposed arm and legs.

She’d been up for a few hours already, since it had been dark out getting ready, just like every day.  Her hair and makeup alone usually took an hour and deciding on an outfit could take just as long.

Today she’d chosen a tight neutral dress with complementary shoes that showed off her ass and legs.

She removed her hand from the banister and too the first step up the stairs and the flashback came fast and hard.

She was in the strip club, walking the floor looking for her next customer.

She took the next step of the stairs and another memory came to her.

She saw him for the first time, sitting in the back of the club and she walked over and introduced herself.

Another step, another memory.

She was in his lap in the VIP, grinding against him naked, he was grabbing her breasts and she was doing her best to look like she was enjoying it.

She heard her shoe click against the next step.

She was leaning in against him, no longer moving, her body limp as he whispered in to her ear.

Another step, another click.

He was telling her how good it was to obey, how much it turned her on to follow his instructions.

Step… click.

How much she needed to follow his commands.  How nothing else matter then his needs and desires.

Step… click.

How she belonged to him.  Her body was his to use as he wanted.


How much she wanted to belong to him.  How much it turned her own to know he was her owner.


The memory of the orgasm came as she took the last step and arrived at the top of the staircase.  Her body shook as the memory became reality and she came once more, like every morning that she completed her daily routine.