Isabella sat in front of the makeup mirror and looked over the array of products on the desk below it.  It looked like they had everything she needed to get ready for the video shoot.

It was defiantly a low budget shoot, they couldn’t even afford more than one makeup person and she was busy with the men so she had been left to fend for herself.

No matter, she was completely capable of doing her own.  She picked up on of the jars and opened it, checking it against her pale skin she closed it and moved on to the next.  After selecting several that would highlight her best features she sat down and pulled her black hair that just touched the top of her shoulders back and wrapped a scrunchie around it.

She carefully tucked some protective tissue around her neck to protect her plain white blouse that covered her modest breasts.  She looked down and grabbed the first jar and opened it, looking back up to the mirror.

But something was wrong, the foundation she had chosen wouldn’t do at all, she held it up to her tanned skin and shook her head.  How could she have thought that it would do?  She’d spent so many hours at the tanning salon to get her colour just right.

She shook her head and placed the cap back on the jar and placed it back on the desk.

She looked back up at the mirror and flicked her head to get her long pony tail back over her shoulder to hand down her back.  

Something caught her eye in the corner mirror, almost like a wave that had moved over it’s entire surface before moving off the edge.

She scrunched her brow and inspected the surface of the mirror but could find nothing out of order and so she looked back to the desk to find some makeup to highlight her dirty blonde hair.

She looked back up just in time to see the shimmer flow off the edge again, as her eyes returned to the center of the mirror she smiled at the sigh of the tops of her large breasts that were clearly visible since she’d removed her shirt to get ready for the shoot.

She smile turned to a frown as something in the back of her mind told her something was wrong but she couldn’t figure out what.

She leaned forward in towards the mirror and inspected her reflection but found no flaw in what she saw.  But something told her to look deeper so she cleared the desk and got up on to it, so she could get a closer look at the top of the mirror.

Bella looked around each corner of the mirror without finding anything, she stared in to it for a moment and then raised her hand up towards the reflection of her face and touched the mirror’s surface.

Silver waves rippled out for her finger tip, causing her reflection to shimmer and as it did a wave of pleasure moved over her and she let out a gasp.

Bella steadied herself by placing her hand fully on the mirror and her world nearly shattered at the orgasm the large ripples caused.

Bella dropped to her knees on the desk and pushed her entire body on to the mirror, her lips pushed up to her reflections as orgasm after orgasm rocked her.

Bella woke up, her face pressed up against the mirror, her fingers in her pussy and her juices smeared across the desk top.

The nock at the door brought her back to her senses, “Everything ok Bella?”, called the PA.

“Uhm, like, totally!  I’ll be right out honey.”

Bella quickly checked her makeup and head out on to the set of her latest low budget porn shoot.