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Sandra felt the warm water lap up against the side of her face and she sat bolt upright and fear and panic gripped her.

Where was she?  Why was she naked?  Why was she in a shallow pool of water?

She looked around, the black walls giving no clue as to where she was.  She looked up at the light coming from the ceiling but couldn’t make anything out due to the brightness.

Suddenly she heard a loud mechanical “clunk” and looked to see where it came from, but she couldn’t find any obvious source.  As she looked around, a shimmer in the water across the other side startled her and she fell back, stretching out her hands behind her to stop her fall.

Just as she steadied herself she felt something wrap around both of her wrists and pulled them together.  She tried to look behind her but before she could get a view she felt something wrap around her legs and start to slither up her thighs.

As she looked down, cables of some kind moved up her body and she let out a scream.

Too late did she realize that was the wrong thing to do as they entered her mouth and started to work their way down her throat.  She flung her head back to try and get them out but it was no use.

The cables that had trapped her hands behind her extended up and grabbed hold of her hair and forced her head back even further.  As she struggled, more cables wrapped around her body, encircling her breasts, pushing their way in to her pussy and ass.

Then she felt two small cables enter her nostrils and split in to even smaller filaments that work their way behind her nasal cavity and in to her brain.

Her muffled scream stopped as soon as they found their destination and Sandra’s panic as replaced by pleasure as the filaments started to override the neurons firing in her brain, replacing the existing patterns with new ones.

The cables holding her hands and legs together loosened and pulled away back in to the water and Sandra’s hands came around to her front and one found her clit and the other pinched her nipple.  As the cables retreated from her throat, it allowed her moans to fill the room.

Sandra’s climax approached quickly and her hand on her clit sped up in response to the pleasure the filaments filled her mind with.

She came hard and fell back in to the water, the cables retreating from her mind and body, followed by another clunk.  A moment later she stood up, placed her feet together, clasped her hands behind her back and bowed her head.

The sound of a lock, then the sound a door opening filled the space.  The cloth covering the walls parted and revealed the exit.

Sandra stood still and waiting until the voice from the other side of the door called to her.

“Proceed to post processing.”

“Acknowledged and this unit will obey.”

Sandra raised her head and walked confidently out of the processing chamber towards the next phase of her transformation.