Nicole sat at the edge of the party and watched the others swimming and laughing, it wasn’t her kind of party, the bulk of her body hidden behind the full body bathing suit, the last time she’d been to a pool party she’d been called names and left in tears.

Of course that was years ago in public school.  Grown ups were much less overt, but far more cutting in their taunts.

The only reason she was here at all was that it was her best friends birthday party.  She fidgeted with her bathing suit once more just as the two guys jumped over the fence and landed beside her.

They were in shorts and t-shirts and both had water guns. One of them turned to her before calling out to the other one, “Hey, I think this one needs your attention ASAP, I’ll start on the others.”

The second boy raised his water gun and started to spray her with it while the other ran towards the rest of the guests and started to spray each of them as well.

Nicole raised her hands to protect herself as the water hit her, she stood up and grabbed something to throw at him, she towered over him.  Before she completed her throw her body suddenly felt like it was on fire and she dropped the book half way threw her swing.

She looked down and started to see steam rise from her body as another spray of water hit her.  As the steam thickened she watched her body start to shrink.

Dozens of pounds evaporated from her as she watched her bathing suit start to change as well.

She dropped to her knees as the feeling wracked her body and then fell the rest of the way down on to all fours as another hit from the water gun hit her back.

The steam started to thin and she felt her body start to cool.  She managed to get back up on to her feet and looked down at the changes.

Her body was so thin and the bikini she wore showed it off and left nothing to the imagination.  She was covered in a thin layer of condensation as she finally looked up at the boy in front of her just in time to see his accomplice return.

She looked beyond them and saw all her friends in various states of undress as they seemed to be having a massive orgy, but none of them looked any different then they had a few minutes ago.

“What the f…” she started to say as she was interrupted.

“Dude, that’s amazing!  I can’t believe the nano-solution could do all that so quickly.  How many times did you have to hit her with it?  Never mind, you’d better go hit a couple of the others while I finish this one.” he held up his water gun and before she knew what to do another squire hit her right in the face.

Unlike last time there was no fire, this time a pink fog drift across her mind and everything she had been angry about seemed suddenly much less important.

A moan escaped her new lips and she opened her eyes and look at the boy in front of her.  Her eyes were filled with hunger as they fell to his crotch and she step in close to him and dropped to her knees and the focus of her attention filled her vision as she pulled his shorts down, releasing what she so desperately needed.