Kim looked over the materials in front of her and frowned.

She’d taken over the company just two months ago after her parents had died in a car accident, her dad had founded the company and was the CEO and her month was head of HR.  The company was a mid sized regional distributor for lawn care equipment and had just under fifty employees.

She hadn’t been very interested in the business, only it the fact that it provided her family a good life.  She had intended promoting one of the senior VP’s to CEO and letting them run the company for her, she had been told Chuck was the leading prospect as the VP of Marketing.

That was until she’d met him.  He was younger and handsome and definitely full or himself, but she took a disliking to him as soon as he’d called her “Kimmy”.  It had only gone downhill from there as his chauvinistic attitude came through loud and clear.

She decided right then and there to take over the company herself and make it her mission to get Chuck out of the company.

She’d transfered him over to HR to replace her late mother and he’d nearly exploded when he lost his expense account and other perks of the marketing department.  But he hadn’t quit and that had surprised her, maybe he thought she’d find a new HR VP and give him his old job back.

To dissuade him of that notion she hired her best friend, Shelley, as the new VP of marketing.  She had gone to school with her and Shelley had graduated with a marketing degree at the top of her class.  Sure she didn’t have any experience, but Kim needed someone she could trust to help out and so Shelley had been a good fit.

Kim flipped through the material again, “A golf tournament?  That’s so… stereotypical!  Let me guess, it was Chuck’s baby?”

“You know it Kim,” Shelley replied, flicking a lock of her long blonde hair back over her ear, “but the company has done one every year for the clients and it’s been in the works for months already.”

“We can’t get out of it?”

“We could, but it would cost us and we have nothing planned at this point.  I’ve talked to several of the customers and they all say they’re looking forward to it.”

“Fine, I guess we’ll have to do it this year, but next year I want something better.”

“You got it.”

Kim pushed her glasses up her nose and ran her hand up and over her forehead and back over her tightly bound black hair as she looked across the desk at Chuck.

“What is it now Chuck?” He hadn’t taken to the HR role very well and he kept coming in to her office to confirm every little thing with her, she was tired of it but he seemed to be in a better mood today.

He handed her a folder, “I’ve got a report from the IT guy, he says we need to replace our computers ASAP.”

She hadn’t know that IT reported in to HR, but she guessed in a company of this size it couldn’t support it’s own VP.

“What’s wrong with the ones we have?”  She said, looking over at her CRT monitor, before the lines on her forehead deepened even more.

“Well…” Chuck started but she interrupted him.

“Never mind, I guess mom didn’t want to spend any money on things she didn’t understand.” she flipped through the document in front of her and got to the bottom line.

“This seems kind of high, did you get some competitive quotes?”

“They’re on the next page.”

Kim was a little surprised, it was the first he’d done anything on his own initiative.

“Alright Chuck, go ahead and get it done.”

Kim watched the IT guy exiting her office with several boxes in his arms.

“Everything ready… Tom?” she said searching for his name.

“Everything is good to go Miss.”

She entered her office and sat down, the laptop was plugged in to a docking station and at the login prompt.  He logged in and explored around a bit and when she was satisfied, got down to work.

Kim walked in to the office and it was abuzz with activity, it was after all nearly 11am.

She’d been having trouble sleeping the last few weeks, her insomnia had started right around the same time as the new computers had arrived, but she hadn’t made that connection.  Or noticed the change in the wardrobe of the female staff, in fact she had been so scatter brained lately she hadn’t noticed much of anything that happened at the office these days.

The only good news was that the only thing that seemed to help her get to sleep was a long ride on her stationary bike and that in turn had gotten rid of the little bit of extra weight she’d put on since college.

She stepped in to her office and Chuck and Shelley were both sitting there waiting for her.

Chuck was in his normal dress shirt and tie, where as Shelley was in a short skirt, a tight white top and had her legs crossed giving Kim a good look at the 4″ high heel stilettos she was wearing.

But what really caught her eye was the mess that her hair was in, ‘God it looks like she’s been freshly fucked.’ Kim thought but wasn’t sure exactly where the thought had come from.

That’s when she noticed Shelley was touching Chuck’s arm, smiling and laughing as she slapped his hand.

“Ummm… do we have a meeting today?” Kim asked, unsure even what day it was.

“Of course, about the golf tournament.  Isn’t that right Shelley?” Chuck responded.

“Oh definitely Chuck, we absolutely have to talk about the tournament.”

“Oh, ok, what do you need?”

“Well Kimmy, as you know the tournament is a big deal for the company and since this will be the last year Shelley and I were talking about making it the best one ever.”

Kim flinched a little at Chuck calling her Kimmy but it was followed by a shiver that ran down her spine and hit her pussy so she let it go.

“Unhun, Chuck’s gone some great ideas.” Shelley said as she stroked his arm again.

“So… what did you need again?” Kim said, getting more and more confused.

“Well, we need to make it the best tournament ever and so I thought we could get some of the staff to volunteer to help out on the day of the tournament, you know to ‘press the flesh’ with the clients and make sure they’ve got everything they need.”

“Oh… well that sounds like a good idea?”

“Good, good.  So I was hoping you’d be the first to volunteer, you know to lead by example?”

“But… but won’t I be busy?”

“Well your father never came to the tournament itself, only the dinner afterwords so you should have some time to help out.  And I’m sure the other staff will be motivated to pitch in if they see your doing it too.”

“Ok… I guess that makes sense.”

“Great!  Shelley can fill you in on the details.”

“Absolutely Chuck, I’ll be happy to help Kimmy get ready!” Shelley said as he stood up and walked out of the room.  Shelley tagged along like a puppy trying to keep up with it’s owner.

Kim went back to work on her computer and tried to focus on the quarterly reports without much success.

“You know what I want, right?” Chuck said to Shelley.

Shelley nodded her head as she kneeled between his legs with his dick between her lips.

He watched her slide down his shaft and smiled.  Shelley and the rest of the staff had succumbed to the subliminal messages that were projected by the monitors pretty quickly.  Shelley had seemed especially susceptible to them and he’d been enjoying her for over a week.

Kim on the other hand was another story.  She’d been resisting the programming pretty hard but he could tell there were a few commands getting through and it was obvious she was on the verge of breaking so he figured it was time to give her a push.

The tournament was next weekend, that left this weekend for Shelley to do her work.

Shelley bounced in to Kim’s office, it was just after 2pm on Friday and Kim was just staring at her monitor.  Her one hand was resting on the keyboard but the only work her fingers were doing were under her pants as they danced in and around her pussy.

“Oh my god, aren’t you ready to go yet?” Shelley said and snapped Kim out of her daze.


“To the salon, the appointment is in just under an hour!” Shelley said as she grabbed Kim’s hand and pulled her upright and out of the office door.

They got out to the car and Kim hardly remembered the drive to the salon, or getting in to the chair, but she did remember the strong smell of chemicals as she sat in the blow drier as Shelley stood in front of her.

As soon as it stopped, Shelley grabbed her hand again and led her out in to the mall to a clothing store.  Shelley rummaged through the racks until she found something she liked and pushed in to Kim’s hands.

Kim’s head was still whirling around in circles as Shelley pushed her in to the change room and commanded her to change.

Kim stripped down and pulled the tight fitting dress, smoothed it out and double checked it fit.  Then she looked up and couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror.  The blonde asian woman in the blue sparkly dress and pigtails looked like a stranger to her.

“God Kimmy, aren’t you done yet?” Shelley said through the door.

Kimmy almost wet her panties as the name reverberated through her body and smacked hard in to her mind.

Well she would have at least if she’d been wearing any she thought, looking down at her old clothes in a pile on the floor, including her panties and bra.

The change room door opened and Shelley stepped in, closing it behind her.

“Like, you looks so hot Kimmy!”

Kimmy let out a small moan as Shelley pushed her against the wall and kissed her full on the lips.  Kimmy responded in kind and before she knew it was on her knees, her head under Shelley’s dress only to discover her friend didn’t have any panties on either.

Kimmy sat in the golf cart with Shelley as Chuck got behind the wheel.

“Girls, how is everything on this beautiful day?”

Kimmy giggled in response to the attention of such a handsome man.

“Oh we’re terrific Chuck!”

“That’s great Shelley, is Kimmy all ready?  I see you’ve done the makeover.”

“Yep!” Shelley responded as she raised her hand from Kimmy’s lap and slid it in to Kimmy’s top and squeezed her breast, “She’s all ready to press the flesh for the clients.” she got out just as Kimmy finished a low moan and leaned in and placed a kiss on Shelley’s lips.

Chuck smiled and wiggled a finger at Kimmy indicated her to come over.

Shelley gave Kimmy a slap on the ass and she quickly moved over in to Chuck’s lap.

“Not quite so in charge now are you Kimmy?” he said.

Kimmy felt the shiver of pleasure run down her spine and hit her pussy just as Chuck cupped it in his hand and gave a squeeze.

Kimmy reached up and ripped her shirt a bit more and popped her tits out, pushing one of them right in to Chuck’s face so he could suck on her nipple, which he did.

Her hands free again she unbuttoned her shorts and guided Chuck’s hand to her wet slit and pushed one of his fingers in to her.

He pulled back from her nippled and let it pop out of his mouth.

“Yep, nothing left in there buy a horny little slut, eager to fuck anyone who pays attention to her.  Isn’t that right Kimmy?

Kimmy’s only response was the gasp of pleasure at hearing her name combined with Chuck’s thumb finding her clit.

“You did good Shelley, remind me to fuck you later.  In the mean time, get Kimmy over to the Johnson cart, he’s been talking about leaving since the change in management and he might be interested to see our new direction.

Shelley reached down and rebuttoned Kimmy’s shorts and then grabbed her hand and lead her away to another cart where she hopped someone would finally fuck her.

Chuck watched them leave, he was considering keeping Shelley on as the VP of marketing once he moved in to the CEO office next week.  It turned out she was actually quite good at it and with her new attitude he was sure the clients would be very happy.

Kimmy on the other hand had fought so hard that there wasn’t much left, but she’d probably make a good “personal assistant” to Shelley, especially on their visits to the clients.

Of course that meant he was going to have to fill the VP of HR position, but he knew an IT guy that he’d promised a promotion to and he certainly deserved it.