Holly finished her last set and turned back to Tom, her personal trainer.

“So are you sure I can’t convince you to sign up for another three months?” he said.

“No, I think I’m going to go it alone for a while.  But thanks, you’ve been great.” she lied as she wiped her brow and ran her hand through her shoulder length brown hair.

She already had her next trainer lined up, she’d decided to make a change after Tom had ‘suggested’ they have dinner after a few weeks of training.

She didn’t have time for such things and even though Tom had been completely professional about it afterwards, she didn’t think it a good idea to stick around.

She grabbed her water bottle and finished off the last few drops.

“Here.” Tom said as he tossed a fresh bottle to her.

She twisted the cap off easily and took a sip and the sweet taste flowed over her lips and down her throat.  The second sip quickly turned in to a gulp and soon the entire bottle was gone.

It clattered to the floor as Tom step towards her and she felt her body start to tingle.  Her eyes widened and her lips parted as a question formed on them, but before she could get it out she gasped, drawing in a deep breath.

The tingling intensified and her knees grew weak, without thinking she reached out and steadied herself by taking hold of Tom’s shoulder as she bent over slightly.

She tried to straighten up but before she could she saw her hair start to lengthen and lighten.  At the same time her face felt like it was changing as well and the feeling caused a wave of pleasure wash over her.

A moan came from between her lips and the air moving over them made it last longer than she imagined possible.

She closed her eyes for just a second as Tom’s thumb touch her lips and an electric shock of pleasure pulsed threw her and she wrapped her lips around it and suck in to her mouth.

“That’s right Holly, you’re right where your supposed to be.  At my side, eager to suck on anything that’s put in your mouth.  My perfect assistant, trained to obey any command I give you.”

Holly watched her long pink hair sway back and forth as she slide Tom’s thumb in and out of her mouth until her orgasm crested and she almost fell to the floor.

When she recovered, she used Tom to steady herself as she stood up straight and looked straight at him, her lips slightly parted.

“Hummm… well the pill did a great job on your face and hair, but you might need another one to beef up those breasts.”

Holly looked down, her previously nearly flat chest was now stretching her workout top.  She reached up and squeezed them and another jolt of pleasure washed over her.

“Enough of that, time to put you to work, up on the tread mill.”

Holly snapped to attention and got on to the tread mill, turning it on and starting a slow jog as Tom left the room.

He re-entered a few minutes later with another client, he was slightly old and overweight.

“As you can see Jim, just like the other personal trainers at the club, I now have a new motivational aid as well.  I’m sure you’ll find it very useful in making sure you get her on time.  And of course a special free exercise session with her when you reach each of your goals.”