Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Cynthia walked towards the private jet across the tarmac with a frown on her face.  She’d expected to be traveling alone, but for some reason another passenger had been book on the flight to New York.

She brushed back an errant strand of her short blond hair and and picked another one from the breast of her stylish but conservative suit.  As she climbed the stairs in to the darkened cabin she left a sigh of relief, she wanted to catch a few hours of sleep on the way and apparently the other passenger had the same idea as he was already reclined with his eyes closed.

She quietly walked by him and took a seat facing away from him and got comfortable for the flight.

A few minutes later they were in the air, heading east towards their destination.  The flight continued smoothly for the first hour and then they hit some turbulence.  

It jolted her awake and she looked around the darkened cabin but it was the sound that caught her by surprise, it was the unmistakable sound of lips slurping up and down as the flight attendant was performing fellatio on the other passenger.

She hadn’t paid much attention to the flight attendant but she hadn’t stood out as a great beauty.  She simply turned over and tried to get comfortable again, in doing so, her large, functional purse fell to the floor with a thud.

She reached down to grab it and when she came back up noticed a strange red glow throughout the cabin, before she could prop herself all the way up to take a look at what was causing it a shiver ran down her spine and she fell back in to the seat.

She let out a gasp as she felt her clothing start to shift on her body.  She looked down as her stylish jacket started to retract and slip apart, revealing her pale skin and small breasts.  Her plain white shirt started to grow translucent, revealing her white bra.

As her shirt faded from view she saw her bra start to darken and become lacy.

Then she felt a tingle start underneath the bra and a moan escaped her lips as she felt her hair touch her shoulders.

Before the changes were complete, she felt a fog roll over her mind.

Cindi stood up from her seat and adjusted her bra to show off her tits to best effect and then walked over to man with the glowing red eyes and the gorgeous redheaded flight attendant that was giving him a blow job like her life depended on it.

“I hope you don’t mind if I join in but I heard her having so much fun over here I just couldn’t stay in my seat.” she said as she dropped to her knees and gave the flight attendant a little push to the side so she could get her lips on his shaft as well.

She felt a wave of pleasure run over her as she grabbed the red heads hair and slowed her down so they could work together to ensure he was getting the best blow job they could give him.

Cindi walked away from the jet, her sun soaked skin glowing in the bright morning sun.  She gripped her small purse and headed to the taxi stand, she didn’t have any clients lined up today, but she was sure she’d find some clients that would appreciate her west coast skills in the big city.