Jessica opened her eyes and tried to relax her tensed muscles but found her body refused to do so.  She darted her eyes around the room but didn’t recognize it but managed to catch a reflection of herself in a mirror, she didn’t recognize herself either.

The taught body that was dressed in lingerie and posed on the bed looked nothing like her.  It was at least 20 years younger and a hundred pounds lighter, but even so she could still see bits of her old body in it.  The hair was the same colour and her eyes were as well.  While the face looked more refined, it still resembled her, if a more perfect version of hers than she’d ever seen.

“Ah, coming around are you?” a voice from behind her said.

She heard a bag unzip and someone rummage around in for a moment and then footsteps coming towards her.

“Well good thing I was a boy scout, you know, always prepared and all.” he said holding up a small needle in front of her and flicking it to make sure no air was in it.

Then she felt it pierce the skin of her thigh and a warm liquid flow through her body.

She took in a large gasp of air and collapsed backwards on to the bed as her whole body became limp and the warmth running through her veins turn to heat.  The gasp exited her body once more, but this time as a moan as she felt her body start to change.

He watched Jessica’s breasts start to inflate and her waist shrink even more as her hair lightened and grew out on to the bed sheets.

This was the fourth injection he’d given her, the last one had been six months, he figured this one would last half that at best.  Then he might get two more shots in to her before he’d move on to the next one.

He watched her back arch as the orgasm washed over her and the programming retake her mind.  Her eyes fluttered open a few moments later, vacant, docile and waiting to be told what she was.