Cecelia looked at the clock on the wall, it was 7pm.

“Dammit!  Again?” she swore under her breath realizing too late there was no one else there for her to worry about.

She rubbed her eyes and turned off her computer before grabbing her purse and heading home.

It was the second week in a row that she’d been staying late without realizing it.  The worst part was she wasn’t getting any work done no matter how late she stayed.  She seemed to just zone out and stare at the monitor for no reason.

She wasn’t sure what was wrong, but she’d noticed two other things in the last few weeks as well.  

The first was that she’d been wearing sexier clothes than she normally did.  A few days ago she’d worn heels for the first time in years and a skirt to boot!

The second was that she was masturbating quite a bit more.  Before she’d be fine with once a week or so, but now she was doing it every night.  Last night she hadn’t been satisfied after the first orgasm and had started again until the second one had satisfied her.

She was definitely going to have to go see the doctor about it, she’d call them in the morning when she got to work.

Cecelia frowned at the phone, the time it displayed should have worried her but for some reason being at the office at 8pm didn’t concern her.  No she’d meant to call her doctor today and the day had just slipped away from her.  Just like it had for the last week or so.

She sighed and closed up her computer for the day and headed home.  Maybe she’d have to do something extreme tomorrow to make sure she called for an appointment.

Cecelia walked in to the office early, it was just before 7am and she felt great.  The shiny latex of her skirt and top felt great against her bare skin and the sound of her high heels echoed through the office.

She sat down and started up her computer and checked her e-mail.  There was a message waiting for her from her manager, he needed a file so she strutted over to the row of filing cabinets and searched for the right one.

She was so focused on searching through them that she didn’t hear her manager walk up behind her.  She was a little surprised when he grabbed her ass but it felt so good that she pushed back against his hand and let out a soft moan as she paused in her search for the file.

She felt her skirt being pulled up over her ass as the cool office air moved over her bare pussy as she set her head down on the filing cabinet drawer and pushed her ass even farther in to the air.

She felt the tip of his dick brush up against her pussy lips and her body shook with anticipation.

“Is Cece horny?” she heard him say and something clicked in her mind.

“Yes sir!  Cece is sooo horny, please fuck Cece!”

Cece felt his cock slide in to her wanton pussy and gave a mew of pleasure in response.

“Mmmmm… please sir, fuck Cece’s horny pussy.  Cece is a horny slut that needs her pussy filled with your hard cock!”

Cece pushed back against him as he moved in and out of her pussy and she felt her orgasm growing.  A hard slap of his hand on her ass almost sent her over the edge but she knew better than to finish before he did.

When she felt his hot cum hit her pussy her body stiffened, “Oh my god thank you for using Cece siiiiiirrrrrr!!!!!” she cried as her own orgasm crested.

Cecelia heard her manager close his office door and she tidied herself up a bit before heading to the bathroom.

She returned to her computer a few minutes later and stared at the monitor.  She was going to have to remember to call her doctor today, she’d come in early just for that reason after all.

See looked at her e-mail and her face slowly relaxed and then went slack as another day came and went.