“So, as part of the new company cell phone plan, I have new phones for everyone.” John said to the assembled staff.

“Why can’t we use our own phones?” Kim complained.

“Can we at least install apps on them?” Tracey asked.

“At least tell me we can choose the colour…” Tammy said.

The three young friends were the bane of John’s existence, they were young and just out of school.  The only reason they had been hired at the bank was as a favour to Kim’s father, a very important customer.

The rest of the group just shrugged and accepted the latest change in a long line of changes at the bank.

“That’s it folks, you’ll be getting the new phones in the next couple of days.”

Kim opened the box and pulled out the phone, the plain white device was smaller than her own, bulky and heavy.

“I can’t believe we have to use these phones!” Kim said to Tracey and Tammy.

“I know, they’re so ugly!” Tracey said.

“And look at the information that came with it, they’re completely locked down to company apps only!” Tammy whined.

“Yea, we’ll have to talk to John about these at our next one on one’s with him, it’s completely unacceptable.” Kim said.

Tracey rubbed her temple with one hand as she clicked on the screen of the phone, she’d found the only game on it had been playing for most of the day.  It didn’t seem like a good game to start, but she quickly found herself playing more and more even though it kind of gave her a headache.

As the sound of another level complete chimed from the phone a small rush of pleasure rushed down her spine and the pain in her head cleared for a moment.

Tammy looked up from the phone as she complete the third level and the wave of pleasure passed.  She’d picked the phone up after dinner and started playing but now it was completely dark out and the clock said it was after 10.

She struggled to put the phone down and get ready for bed, when she crawled betweens the sheets she had a hard time closing her eyes.  

‘Just one more level.’ she thought as she picked up the phone and started the game again.

Kim looked at her closet and just couldn’t decided what to wear as she fiddled with the company phone in her hand.  It was Friday so she could dress casually but for some reason that didn’t seem right.  Instead she picked out a professional looking blouse and pair of pants and got dressed.  She still wasn’t happy with it but if she didn’t get going she’d be late.

The day went quickly, even though she didn’t get much work done.

She did get through the fifth level of the only game on the company phone though.

The small orgasm that accompanied the playful tune the phone made at the end of the level brought her back to reality and she looked around at Tracey and Tammy playing on their phones as well.  The same tune came from both of their phones soon afterwards.

“Tracey, Tammy, what are you up to tomorrow?”

“Ah, not much.”


“I realized this morning I’ve got nothing to wear for work, what do you think about a shopping day tomorrow?”

“Yes! Me too!”


Tracey turned around in the skirt that hugged her curves in front of her friends, “So?”

“Looks great!” said Kim.

“It’s fantastic!” said Tammy.

Her two friends jumped up and went to the same rack and grabbed the same skirt as she had.

Moments later all three were wearing the same, grey skirt.

The rest of the day they spent going from store to store, buying matching outfits.

Tammy’s gaze was fixed on the phone, the sheets were tossed to the side as she use the thumb of her one hand to play the game as the fingers of her other hand played with her clit.

As the chimes played at the completion of level 7 she dropped the phone and a cry of passion escaped her lips as the orgasm washed over her.

Kim walked up the stairs towards the bank as she played with her company phone.  Her friends were waiting for her at the top working their own phones and it wasn’t for a few minutes until all three looked up and saw their matching outfits.

“Oh my god guys, that’s awesome!” Kim nearly squealed the three of them came in for a group hug.

“I know right?” Tammy said.

“They’re, like, just perfect!” Tracey nearly giggled.

The three friends headed up to the office and started their day.

Tracey worked her clit in the stall in the bathroom as she got closer and closer to finishing the level, she was so focused on it that she didn’t hear the muffled sound of Tammy’s orgasm in the next stall.

As she finished level 10 her orgasm rocked her and the music played.

On the screen, a message she’d see when she recovered was displayed, “Congratulations, you’ve completed the final level!  Free play has been unlocked!”

Tammi sat at her desk working diligently at her computer, her phone resting beside her.  Since she’d completed level 10 things had been different, more clear and she was focused on her job right now.

Her phone vibrated and she picked it up, it was a message from John, “Tammi, please come in to my office immediately.”

Tammi stood up and walked John’s office, she saw Tracey and Kim heading in the same direction.

The three of them entered John’s office one after the other and stood in a line in front of his desk.

“Please close the door.” John said and Tammi, who was closest to the door did so.

“Status please.”

“Free play mode is enabled sir.” the three of them said in unison.

John smiled and walked out from behind his desk and inspected all three of them.

Tammi felt a chill run down her spine and nuzzle in to her pussy as he looked her over and she let out a small gasp as he grabbed her breast through her blouse.

Kimmi felt John grab her ass and squeeze, she pushed back in to his hand and smiled as a moan came from deep within her.

Traci’s lips parted and words escaped them, “Yes, yes, deeper…”, she said as John’s fingers probed her pussy.  Her legs were spread wide and her hands were on the desk so she could support herself.

Tammi looked up at John as she knelt down in front of him naked, Kimmi and Traci on each side of her.

Her mouth was open and she waited for John to give her what she wanted.

Kimmi/Traci/Tammi looked up at their owner as they wrapped their lips around his shaft and balls, eager to please him.