Mizuki pulled the leaver on the slot machine again and listen to the sweat sound of the spinning wheels as each one one came to a halt with a chime.

Silence followed as yet another losing spin came to and end.  She looped her mid shoulder length jet black hair over her ear and then pushed her glasses up her nose as she checked the balance remaining on the machine.

Just a hundred dollars left, ten more spins.  She pulled the leaver again and then looked around for the pit boss, she caught sight of him as he walked back in to the high roller area.  She waved him over as the wheels came to a halt once more in silence.

“Hi Dave, I’m going to need another $50,000 on account.”

“Ok, let me check with the office, I’ll be right back.”

She turned back to the machine and spun the wheel again while she waited for Dave to return.  She had just lost the last of her credit when he returned.

“I’m sorry, but they’ve declined you any more credit.”

“What!?” she cried out.

“I true am sorry, but the account is under your husbands name and they called him…”

Damit it, “Ex-husband.” she said correcting him.

The divorce was still in progress but it wasn’t going well and obviously this was Aaron’s way getting back at her for whatever perceived slight he was mad about this week.  Could she help it if he was a spineless wimp that couldn’t satisfy her in more ways than one?

“Yes, sorry Miss, but if you’d like to continue to play the casino does have a new VIP area that’s about to open and we could use some help testing it  out.  We’d extend you $100,000 in credit and any winnings would of course be yours.”

“That sounds great Dave, thanks.”

Dave led her to the back of the VIP area and in to a separate area that was blocked off from the rest of the casino.  Inside were several games in a lavishly appointed room.

Dave handed her a card that was obviously loaded with the credit, “Here you go, when you’re done just let me know.”

She waved him off and went to the first game and started playing, the machine seemed like the ones in the other area but after a few spins she felt something was different.

She’d lost a few times and won a bit as well, but it didn’t seem to matter, she felt the same kind of rush either way.

By the time she’d lost $25,000, there was a wide smile on her face and when the machine lit up with the “BIG Spender Bonus!” message she actually jumped up and down in her seat a bit as she pulled the leaver.  When the digital wheels finished spinning, each on had and animated image of a large set of breasts in a bikini to jiggling on it.

She giggled at the image as she suddenly felt a tightness in her own small breasts, so she reach behind her and unclasped her bra as a wave of pleasure came over her and a moan escaped her lips.

She blinked several times before looking down at her large breasts straining against the fabric of her blouse.  Her hands grabbed them and the sensation was wonderful, she only stopped when the machine in front of her played a little ditty and she saw it was ready for the next spin.

Without a thought she reached out and spun the wheels again, focused once more on the game.

She’d lost another $25,000 when the next bonus came up, “Ahead of the Game!”

She pulled the leaver and watched the spinning wheels come to a halt on a picture of a woman’s head and shoulders, the dark hair woman was nice looking but was animated and as it shook it’s head from side to side, it’s hair lengthened and lighted as her face grew more beautiful.

Mizuki watched as the image on the wheels seemed to blur and she felt a tightness in her face and she reached up to remove her glasses.  When she did, her golden blonde hair came in to focus as it cascaded down between her breasts.

She gasped as she touch her hair just before the machine once more took her attention with its sweet sounds.  She didn’t notice the changes in her own ghostly reflection in the glass of the machine.

When there was just $25,000 left another bonus came up and she let out a loud squeal as she tossed her long hair from side to side.

“Coming from Behind!” was flashing on the screen as the wheels spun, coming to a stop on the image of a woman’s backside in a bikini.  It animated in to a larger posterior that jiggled, one side at a time.

Mizuki felt the now familiar tightness center on her butt and she wiggled side to side as she fell back in to her chair and almost had an orgasm.

She recovered quickly enough and continued to play until she’d lost all but the last ten dollars of her credit.  The bonus once more came up just in time on her second last spin, “Going All In!”

The wheels spun and when they came to an halt, the little animated image was of a beautiful woman who looked up as a burst of pink sparkles fell down over her, the image zoomed out and the woman dropped to her knees and her entire body shook.  It blinked a few times before a speech bubble appeared beside her, “*giggle* Like, I’m totally all in!”

Mizuki’s body fell back, arched and her orgasm washed over her.

Zuki walked over to the pit boss in the VIP area in her tight blue casino uniform, “Like, hi Dave, Shirley said you totally wanted to seem me?”

“Ah, yes Zuki, we have a special VIP guest that wants to meet you.” Dave said as he motioned over to one of the men playing at the blackjack table.

The man stood up and started over towards them and Zuki felt a chill run down her spine that evaporated as it hit the heat coming from her pussy.  He was a god walking among men and she could hardly believe he was look right at her!

She titled her head down and blushed profusely as she heard his footsteps come to a halt.

“Aaron, this is Zuki, who I was telling you about.” Dave said.

“Hello Zuki.” the man said and Zuki looked for words to say.

“He.. hello… sir.” she finally replied, keeping her head down.

She watched his hand come in to view and take her chin between his thumb and fingers as he tilted her head upwards.  She let out a small gasp as he pussy buzzed in delight.

“So Zuki, Aaron here forgot something in his room and needs some help getting it, would you give him a hand?”

“Oh my god, of course Dave!”

“Don’t forget Zuki, he’s a VIP, so make sure to do everything you can to keep him happy.”

“Like of course Dave!  Sir if you would totally follow me?” Zuki said as she turned towards to the room tower.

She felt his hand slide down her back and land on her ass.  She stopped in her tracks and her body shook with a small orgasm before she felt him push her forward.

They arrived at his room a few minutes later, his hand still firmly on her ass and she giggle at how good it felt.  As they came in to the main area of the room, he spun her around and placed a deep, probing kiss on to her, she replied in kind, her tongue probing his mouth.

He pushed her down on to the bed and ripped her uniform from her body, she squirmed in pure pleasure as his hands roughly grabbed her tits and she let out a moan as the pleasure consumed her.

Soon she was on her stomach, her ass in the air as he entered her sopping wet pussy, she let out a small squeal each time he pushed deep in to her.

She felt his hand land hard on to her ass and the slap echo throughout the room, “Oh god yes!” she called out.

“Do you like that Mizuki?” he asked.

“Yes Sir!” she cried out as another slap landed.

“You know the casino has assured me you’ll be available for my use any time I want, how does that sound to you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, please use Zuki!”

He pulled out just as she felt his shaft stiffen even more, she felt him grab her hair and pull her off the bed and on to her knees.  She looked up, he penis filling her vision as it came down on her face several times before spraying it’s load over her face.  Her orgasm rocked her and she slumped back against the bed, dazed from the power of it.