Cynthia nearly fell over in the unaccustom high heels as she walked towards the wall and only just managed to steady herself by reaching out for it.  She looked down at the doll on the table, propped up against the same wall, and turned around to take the same pose.

The full length mirror she’d put in place before starting show both the doll and herself and she sighed inwardly, “I’ve worked so hard, but I’m still not there!” she thought.

The doll’s waist was smaller, legs longer and she didn’t have the corset or hood yet.  As she thought about these items her hand drifted down the her pussy and started rubbing it.

“I’ve already ordered the hood,” she thought, “and I’m going to the corseter’s this weekend.”

A moan escaped her lips as her other hand squeezed her breast through the latex.

She knew though that her heels were wrong, the doll had “ballet” heels on and hers, while 6 inches tall, weren’t going to cut it.

Her fingers danced faster as she remembered going to the fetish shop last week and almost buying the shoes she knew she needed, but she’d resisted.

Her mind raced back to the day John had given her the doll, he’d done something to her that day, she could never remember what, but she’d hated her neighbour with a passion before that day.

He’d hit on her when she first moved in and after she made it clear he wasn’t her type, he’d started making lewd compliments to her that were just borderline legal.

She let out a gasp as her orgasm started to build and she heard the knock on her door from her memory.  John was standing there, a wide grin on his face as he said hello.

Her knees almost buckled out from under her as a sudden wave of dizziness came over her, he reached out and steadied her and let himself in at the same time.

He took her in to the living room and guided her on the couch, he placed the doll in front of her on the coffee table and started to speak.

“Pay attention to the doll Cynthia.” her eyes locked on to it.

“It’s everything you want to be.  Everything you need to be.”

Her fingers plunged in to her pussy as the memories came faster and faster.

“A latex sex doll that I own.  That I use.”

Her orgasm crested as the memory played out in her mind.

Cynthia wobbled as she pushed off from the wall and took a step forward, she started to walk around the room tentatively.  She was going to have to learn how to walk in these things this week if she was going to pick up the ballet shoes on the weekend.

A smile crossed her lips, after all, John wasn’t going to come and use her until she was his perfect latex sex doll.