Shirley half smiled as she checked herself over in the full length mirror, her long blonde hair flowing down over her left shoulder, the thin material of her top barely keeping her tits covered and the tiny pair of hot pants clinging to her ass.

All she wanted to do was duck under the covers and hide but instead her body took a step towards the door and swung her ass from side to side.

She knew there was no stopping what was to come but she still tried with all her will she tried to stop her feet from moving, but the echo of the stiletto’s against the tile floor was the only response to her effort.

Her hand twisted the knob of the front door and opened it to the hallway of her apartment and as it closed behind her she took a left turn, down the hall, away from the elevators.

When she arrived at the apartment beside hers, her body turned and knocked on the door, the sound took her back to what seemed like a lifetime ago but in reality was just last week.

Then it had been a knock on her door, she hadn’t been expecting anyone so she checked through the peep hole and saw her new neighbour that she’d seen move in over the weekend.

She opened the door and gave a smile, he’d returned it and then everything had started to spin.  She’d leaned up against the hallway wall and let the door close, but he’d stepped through before it closed and moved in close to her.

Her head spun even faster the closer he got, but more than that there was something else, a heat growing deep inside of her that called out to be satisfied.  When he reached out and touched her shoulder the heat burst in to flame and she let out a moan.

He turned her back to the wall and leaned in and his lips found hers, her tongue found his, his hands found her ass, her hands found his hardening dick though his pants and she bucked her hips in to his groin.

After a few minutes of making out his strong hands twisted her hips around and pushed her chest against the wall, her own hands quickly dropped her pants as he did likewise.  She spread her legs apart and felt him rub up against her pussy and she pushed her ass out as far as she could to make sure he had access to her.

With his hand on the back of her head, he twisted her head to the side and entered her from behind, a squeal of pure pleasure echoed throughout the apartment as he stroked in and out of her.  She came several times before he was done, each orgasm more intense than the last.

He mind was lost in all pleasure, she didn’t know how it could feel so good, but she was sure it could never be better than what she was feeling right then.

It wasn’t until she felt him pull out and spray his cum on to her lower back that she realized how wrong she was.  Her mind exploded at the intensity of the orgasm that followed and she was sure she wouldn’t survive it.

She had been partly right, some part of her had died after that.  The part that wanted things for herself, the part that could think of anything other than him, the part that had any shame.

Those parts were gone, replaced with the words he’d told her as she lay crumpled in a heap at his feet, “3b, hot blonde party girl with a desperate need to get cum on her.  Be at my apartment Saturday nights at 8pm, dress to impress.”

He’d pulled up his pants and left, when she’d finally been able to get herself to her feet she’d cleaned herself up and gone to bed early.

She hadn’t thought about it again until this morning, Saturday morning, when she realized she had to make an appointment at the salon and do some shopping to get ready.

Each store she’d gone to, the salon, each step in her preparation she’d fought to no avail until here she was, standing in front of her neighbours door, waiting for him to answer it.

The door opened, but instead of him she saw Kimberly, a small asian woman from the sixth floor with cum sprayed across her face and a smile of pure bliss on her lips.  Still half naked Kimberly walked by her and down the hall towards the elevator and before the door closed Shirley stepped inside and walked down the hall to the living room.

The room didn’t have a couch or chairs, but instead was filled with lights and video equipment, a single large bed in the middle of it.

“Ah, right on time, great.  Here sign this paperwork then Dan’s going to fuck you silly, ok?”

She took the paperwork and signed it as instructed and then looked up at him longingly with a question in her eyes.

“Oh don’t worry, if you do a good job with Dan I’ll fuck you too.” he said as her face lit up and she scurried over to the man standing beside the bed.

Dan pulled her in tight against his body and she wiggled against him for a few moments.

“Ok Dan, ready to go anytime.”

“You got it boss.”

She felt him grab her shoulders and push her down to her knees, soon his dick was in her mouth and she was sliding up and down it’s length for all she was worth.