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Manfred walked the client towards the front door, another successful transaction complete.  As they passed through the hallway they walked by Manfred’s prize possession posed upon her pedestal.

“Manfred, may I inquire about the… trophy… you have on display?”

“Of course, you remember my old apprentice of course?”

“Ah, yes, I thought I recognized her.  I seem to recall she betrayed you, though it seems you have corrected that problem.”

“Yes, she had been so promising, but she has her uses now as well.”

“I believe she had the power to create portals didn’t she?”

“Yes she does, a useful skill to be sure.”

“Yes, very useful, would you be interested in parting with her?”

Manfred scrunched his forehead, it was an unexpected question, but if he was honest with himself one that he was open to.  He’d made his point with her long ago and it had been several months since he’d used her for anything more than ornamentation.

“You know I deal in information, it would have to be something of significance for me to part with her.”

“I believe I have something another of your clients would be interested in… the secret identity of the Golden Grappler?”

Manfred raised an eyebrow involuntarily, “Yes, I believe we could come to an understanding with that.”

Abby listened carefully to her master as he told her about her new owner, she didn’t like what she heard but she accepted it like the good apprentice she was.  It also helped that his cock was buried deep in her pussy as he spoke.

Her new master would be taking over her training and he had so much to teach her and she needed to learn it all.

It all sank in to her mind as he came and her own orgasm washed over her.

When she came back around, her new master was standing over her, his soft dick just in front of her face.  She didn’t need to learn this lesson, she knew exactly what to do and took it between her lips.

It stiffened quickly enough and when his cum hit the back of her throat a second orgasm rocked her and she knew she’d succeeded in her first lesson with her new master.

Of course there were many more lessons for Abby to learn and she’d spent the next several months learning them.  The first ones seemed kind of boring, master would take her somewhere and then have her open a portal.  They’d step through and he’d take something and then they’d leave again.

But after a few of these, master seemed to have no of those kinds of lessons for her to learn and he’d started giving her better lessons.

He’d shown her how to apply her makeup just the way he liked, bright and slutty.

He’d taken her to a salon and taught her how to get her hair dyed the perfect platium blonde.

He’d made an appointment with the plastic surgeon for her to get the big fake tits he wanted her to have.

Abby stood at the top of the stairs, pushing her tits out and showing off her ass as she waited for master to finish his call.  It was time for her afternoon lesson and she was eager as he’d told her he had a special lesson in mind.

She felt the vibrator in her pussy start to buzz and she started walk towards her masters office, her high heels clicking against the tile floor.  The sound paused for only a moment as she opened the door and continued on.

Her master stood up from behind his desk and walk around it to stand in front of her, her knees quivered with anticipation.

Without saying anything he pushed her down on to the desk face first, her tits propping her up as he kicked her feet apart, spreading her legs wide.  He unzipped her uniform and fingered her we pussy, bumping up against the vibrator.

She heard his pants hit the ground and she waited for him to remove the vibrator, but instead felt it turn back on just as the tip of his dick touched her sphincter.  She let out a gasp, partly from the vibrator, partly from the unexpected feeling from her asshole.

“Today’s lesson is on how much of an anal slut you really are Abby.” He said, the words seeping in to her mind just as his cock pushed in to her ass.

The gasp turned to a moan as he went deeper.

“Little Anal Abby loves getting fucked in the ass isn’t that right?” her master said as he rocked back and forth.

“Yes master!  Fuck Abby’s ass!”

Abby felt the vibrator buzzing in her pussy, her masters cock throbbing in her ass as today’s lesson buried itself deeply in to her mind.

Her master came in her ass and Abby’s own orgasm washed over her, a cry of pure pleasure coming from her lips as she went limp on the desk.