Kelly swung her racket at the ball with powerful backhand volley made perfect contact, sending it sailing over the head of her opponent and landing just in bounds at the back of the court.

She smiled as the referrer called out, “Game, set and match.”

She walked up to the net and shook her opponents hand, her muscular forearm gripping more firmly than was really necessary, her lips twisting in to a cruel smile.  Her opponent did her best to keep her composure but she could see her wince slightly at the pressure.

“Good game Jill.” Kelly said as she let go.

“Yea, sure, whatever… *bitch*.” her opponent said under her breath.

Kelly didn’t mind though, she’d won and that was all that was important.  She walked over to pick up her equipment and headed towards her coach.

“Really Kelly?”  He said, obviously referring to the hand shake.

“What, she lost, that’s all that matters.”

“Yea, but your quickly getting the reputation of being a bad winner.  That’s not going to cut it when you get to the tour.”

“I’ll deal with that when it happens Tom, now do your job and grab my rackets would you.” she said, tossing her bag at him and walking off.

Tom watch Kelly practice, the machine lobing balls at her with a regular interval and shook his head.  So much talent but such a bad attitude.  

He watch her powerful leg muscles move her from side to side, her strong arms easily moving her racket through the air and making contact with the balls each time.

She was going to be a star, there was no doubt about that.  His gaze was pulled to movement by the entrance as another player entered the court.  It was Jill, Kelly’s opponent from the other day.  He watched Jill sit down on the bench beside where Kelley had placed her gear and start to undo her jacket before practice.

He turned back to watch Kelly’s form and soon saw Jill cross behind her to the next court and start the machine there.

After a little more practice, Kelly came out of her stance and waved over to Tom, “Ok Tom, time for a break.” she called out to him.

Tom stood up and turned the machine off, the last balls bouncing to a stop as Kelly strode over to her gear, picking up her water bottle and raising it to her lips.

Tom squinted at the bottle, something looked wrong, he called out “Hey Kelly, hang on a second…”

Kelly turned her head just as she squeezed the bottle and swallowed the stream of water it produced.  

Tom watched Kelly drop her racket and place both hands on the bottle as she wrapped her lips around the protruding spout and squeeze hard, gulping down the water.

Tom started to run, but he knew it was too late, he’d heard about the pill and its effects.  He turned to the other court, looking for Jill, but there was no one there.

Kelly swallow gulp after gulp of the sweetest tasting water she’d ever had, it flowed down her throat and in to her belly where it swirled around and sent waves of pleasure back up her spine and in to her head.

She heard the empty bottle hit the ground as she looked around, confused as her body felt like it was on fire.  She saw Tom running towards her and she opened her mouth to say something but all that came out was a moan as she fell to her knees as her body started to change.

She could feel her muscles start to shrink, her legs becoming thinner and her chest start to expand.  Her scalp was tingling as she felt her hair start to tickle it’s way down her neck towards her shoulder blades.

Tom arrived just in time for her to look up at him, panic in her eyes was quickly replaced by pure bliss as the pill reached her mind.

Tom looked down at Kelly and knew Jill had dosed the drink with more than just one pill.  Kelly’s once athletic body had been reduced to a parody of it’s former self.  Her once strong build replaced with smooth thin arms and legs, her strong abdominal muscles could no longer be seen and in their place was a flat, tight stomach that accentuated her hips.

Her long blonde hair hung down her back and over her massive tits that strained the white top she had been wearing.

He watched her eyes gloss over just before the rolled back in to her head, there was nothing he could do, the rising star was gone.

He crouched down beside her and leaned in to her ear, he’d put so much time and effort in to training her and put up with so much of her crap, he was damned if he wasn’t going to get rewarded for it.

“Listen up Kelly, from now on your going to be my assistant coach, willing to do anything I say.  Eager to please.  Loyal and with no doubt that everything I have to teach you is the most important thing in your life.”

He watch the orgasm wash over her as her head slumped forward as she collapsed on to the court.

Kelly stood by the net, holding her rack just like coach Tom had told her too.  The thin material of her white top let her nipples showed clearly threw.

The ball came towards her and she tried to catch in between her tits, mincing towards it as she stood on her 6″ stilettos, never getting anywhere close to it.

“Oh my gawd, like Tom, I’m so totally good at this aren’t I?” she said happily as she jumped up and down, letting her tits bounce freely.

“Yes, yes you are Kelly.  Why don’t you come over here and I’ll give you another set of balls to catch between those big tits of yours.”

Kelley squealed in excitement and bounced over to Tom as quickly as she could, catching Tom’s balls between her tits was her favorite kind of practice as she was getting pretty good at it!