Mina stared daggers at Jim as he stood beside the chair, his hand resting on the back of it as he smiled.

She’d found the fur covered monstrosity sitting in the living room when she’d arrived home from shopping and immediately yelled out to him to come in and explain the thing.

She’d spend a lot of time, and Jim’s money, re-decorating the house and whatever this thing was, she wasn’t going to let it ruin her work.

“What *is* that thing?” she said, pointing at the chair.

“What?  This?” he said innocently.

“Yes.. *that*.” she shot back.

“Just an old family heirloom.  My cousin Boris finally shipped it over from Europe.” he replied.

Mina paused for a moment, she knew Jim came from an old European family but he never talked about it and the few times she’d tried to get more details from him he’d shut her down quickly.  

“Well, it can’t stay here, it doesn’t fit with the room.”

“Look Mina, I’ve given you free rain to re-decorate, but I don’t have much from my family and this is important to me so you’ll just have to work around it.”  He said, his wide grin turning to a stern straight edge.

Mina knew that look and backed off, “Ok, well, I might be able to work with it.”

“Good, I know it will grow on you.” he said as he turned and walk out of the room once more.

Mina walked in to the living room, her eye drawn to the furry chair like it had been all week since it arrived.  She’d tried several times to get Jim to let her get rid of it but each time he’d been firm.  She’d have to try another tactic if she was going win this one.

She walked over to it and then around it, looking to see what she could do with it.  Maybe Jim would let her reupholster it, then it could get damaged or lost and never return.

She reached down and touched the fur, a tingle ran up her fingers and arm as she let out a small gasp.

She pushed her hand firmly in to the fur and the tingling increased, without letting her hand leave the fur she turned around and sat in the chair.  As she did, her whole body tingled and she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her.

She leaned back in to the chair and let herself be carried away, her body squirming against the chair as the pleasure built throughout her body.  She rocked her hips back and forth as she sensed her orgasm coming and let out a cry of pleasure as it erupted.

Her who body relaxed and she slide down the chair and on to the floor as it passed.

Mina stood several feet away from the chair, apprehensively remembered the day before.  She’d never felt such a strong orgasm and she didn’t understand why it had happened, but the chair still vexed her.

She reached out to couch the arm of the chair but stopped just before making contact.  Steeling herself against her own foolishness she grabbed the arm and felt the same tingling run up her arm.  She twirled around and sat in the chair once more, her mind no longer in control of her body as it had more important things to focus on, namely the pleasure it was being flooded with.

By the time the second orgasm has hit, she lost all control and found herself once more on the floor.  

Once she’d regained her composure she looked up at the chair once and decided that maybe it would be ok to keep it.

Mina dropped her robe as she stood almost naked in front of the chair, just a bra and panties on.  In the last week she’d found the orgasms were even better if more of her skin touched the chair and so she’d started wearing less and less each day when she came down to it.

She sat down in the chair and let the tingling wash over her, her body gyrating on its own, rubbing itself in to the soft material.  A few minutes later she felt her fingers on the clasp of her bra as it released and she tossed it to the side.  They moved next to her panties and pushed them down.  

The pleasure surged as her ass touched the chair and her body rotated her hips beneath her, forcing her pussy lips to the chair as well.  She grabbed her head as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body, her mind lost in a haze of pleasure.

So consumed by it she didn’t hear Jim’s footsteps approaching from behind her.  Nor could his hands grabbing her breasts bring her any more pleasure so she didn’t notice that either.

It wasn’t until he grabbed her under the arms and pulled her body upright did she notice him and then only because the motion of her body over the material of the chair sent another wave of orgasms crashing over her.

“Mina, Mina, Mina… I see you’ve grown to enjoy my chair after all.”

“Mmmmm… yes…” Mina responded half aware of what either of them were saying.

“You know, maybe you were right Mina, maybe I should get rid of it.”

“No… no… love it… want it… need it…” Mina managed to get out as her hips bucked against the chair.

“Well, it is mine you know, just like everything else in this house is mine.  I can do anything I like with it, isn’t that right Mina?”

“Yes… yours… do anything… you… like.”

“And your in the house, so you must belong to me as well, right Mina?”

“I… I… I… belong… to you!” Mina cried out as her hips continued to buck against the chair and another orgasm washed over her.

By the time she’d recovered, Jim had walked around to the front of the chair and pulled her panties down the rest of the way.  He grabbed her hips and twisted her around so she faced the back of the chair, she instinctively pushed her breasts in to the back of it.  Jim grabbed her knees and raised them up on to the chair and she pushed her ass down as close to the chair as she could.

Jim grabbed an ass cheek with one hand and used the other to slide his fingers over her sopping wet pussy.  The low moan that escaped her lips left no question what she wanted.

Jim dropped his pants and released his hard dick from his underwear before pushing forward in to her.  

Mina rocked backwards to get Jim even deeper in to her but as she did her breasts left the chair and so she moved forward again.  Each time she rocked back and forth the pleasure exploded, first in her pussy and then in her breasts.  She moaned and squealed and whimpered as the it assaulted her body and mind.

Jim grabbed her hair and pulled her almost completely off of the chair and she nearly panicked, but he pushed forward and she fell back in to the chair with Jim right on top of her, pushing her more deeply in to the chair than she’d ever managed on her own.  

She felt Jim’s cock stiffen inside of her and his hot cum penetrate her as her body was rocked by massive orgasm after orgasm.

Mina sat naked beside the chair, her knees held tightly together, her arms clasped behind her back, her breasts pushed out and her head bowed.

Jim had left specific instructions not to sit in the chair unless he told her too.  He hadn’t told her she couldn’t sit close to it though and so she waited for him to arrive home in his favorite pose.

If she was lucky he’d command her on to the chair immediately and fuck her senseless, but for the last week he’d wanted to use her mouth before the chair.  

While she would eagerly sucked his cock for all that she was worth, it was only because nothing could compare to what it felt like to be used by him while in the chair.