Wendy looked over her should and down at her perfect ass, “God damn, it worked!” she called out to no one in particular.

She continued to marvel at her new caboose, the two perfectly formed spheres, the tight line down the center, the large gap between her legs and shook her head once more.

She let her loose fitting dress call back down and she placed both of her hands on her ass cheeks and let out a soft moan as she gently squeezed them.

“And they feels sooooooo amazing!”

She dropped back to her knees inside the symbol laid out on the floor, leaned over and flipped through the book to another spell.

“Well, a bit more up top couldn’t hurt.” she said, read the words in her mind several times until she was sure she had them right and then stood back up.

She closed her eyes and recited the passage out loud, making sure to get each word right.  She opened her eyes and felt the magic course through her, starting at her feet, flowing up her legs, past her perfect ass and finally swirling around in her modest bust.

Her dress started to move away from her body and she felt her nipples harden against the thin fabric of her dress.  As the glowing of the symbol ceased, the magic disappeared and looked down at the two large round globes under her dress.

She quickly pulled her dress up over her head before realizing how sensitive her new breasts were and the motion of the thin material over them sent shock waves of pleasure over her body.  She dropped to her knees at almost the same instance as the dress hit the floor and an orgasm rocked her.

“Ohhhh myyyyy goooood!” she cried out as it did.

When she recovered she inspected herself, her breasts were just as perfect as her ass and she carefully placed her hands on them.  The feeling was intense and while she was sure her nipples could not get any harder, they somehow did and she bit her lip and let out a small laugh as the pleasure from them was almost unbelievable.

She looked at the book once more, ‘Maybe just one more change…’ she thought as her fingers intertwined with her hair.  It was a bit short and she was definitely not a natural blond, but she could fix both of those.

She flipped through the book once more until she found the spell she was looking for, memorizing it once more she carefully stood up and recited it aloud.

She watched the symbol glow on the floor and the magic once more flow in to her feet, up her body and finally swirl around her scalp.  She felt her hair tingle as she watched the strands hanging down in front of her thicken, lengthen and lighten in to a perfect platinum blonde.

What she didn’t notice was the small break in the symbol her foot had made behind her as she had fallen to her knees from the orgasm.  The small break of the line didn’t glow but instead seemed to suck in the light from around it.  It expanded and flowed up in to the air, taking the rough human shape as it did so.

As the magic once more receded, the form solidified in to the red daemon who’s power she had used to change herself.

It reached out and grabbed her new hair and pulled her back on to him.

Wendy cried out in surprise and passion, her new hair pulling on her scalp sent pleasure deep in to her brain.

“Foolish human, you have used my power for such a trivial thing as pleasure?  Then I shall use you in the same way!”

His muscular arm reach around and grabbed a hold of one of her new breasts as his chin touched her shoulder and his long snake like tongue ran down her chest to find her other nipple.

Wendy’s mouth opened to scream but all that came out was a long moan as she twisted her head to look upon the daemon.

The daemon’s tongue snaked even farther down her body until it found her pulsing pussy, the pleasure of the daemons touch too much for her to deny.

It worked it’s way deep in to her but she knew there was something missing, she rocked her hips back and fourth and when her perfect ass bumped up against it’s rock hard erection it flooded her with pleasure like she’d never experienced before.

She then knew what was missing, her hands reached down and guided his throbbing member to her perfect ass and wiggled her way on to him.  His powerful hand pulling her hair, his other hand squeezing her breast, his long tongue running over her nipple all the way down to her pussy and penetrating it as well.

Orgasm after orgasm washed over her as he thrust in and out of her asshole as her cries of passion filled the room.

Finally, she lost consciousness, but the daemon continued to assault her body and until he was satisfied.  Only then did he let her fall to the floor, the sheen of her sweet covered her entire body as she laid in a pool of her own juices.

The daemon looked down at her and smiled, “Not bad for a human, I will leave you here in this realm until a day that I call you home to me.  Until then your body will crave such carnal desires that no mortal can satisfy, though you will try.”

His form started to dissolve as he let out a wicked laugh until he vanished, leaving her alone in the room once more.