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Lacey heard the words that her best friend Lisa spoke and they sank deep in to her even though she really didn’t understand why she was repeating what seemed so obvious.

They were of course the best of friends, Lacey would do anything for Lisa and never expected anything in return.  That’s what best friends did wasn’t it?

And of course she trusted Lisa completely, Lisa would never steer her wrong.  Everything Lisa said was so smart and true how couldn’t she trust her completely?

Of course she loved being naked and showing off her body.  And not only that she loved having sex!  Sex with men, sex with women, any kind of sex because it was so amazing!

She was kind of dumb?  Well duh!  Of course she was, but not when it came to the important things, like sex, she knew lots about sex, like how to please a man or woman and that was the most important thing to know of course.

Of course some people liked to give her money to have sex, but she wasn’t interested in money so she would just always give it to Lisa, because that seemed to make Lisa happy at that was important too.

Lacey blinked a few times and look at her best friend Lisa, they were in a bathroom and Lacey was up against a wall.  Her knees felt weak and she was a bit dizzy but Lisa’s smiling face washed away any uncertainty and Lisa smiled back.

“Hi Lisa!  Ummmm… why are we in the bathroom?” she said, leaning out from the wall and almost whispering the last part.

“Oh silly, you got a bit tipsy so I brought you here to sober up a bit.”

“You are the best Lisa!” Lacey said and through her arms around her best friend and hugged her.

Lisa wrapped her arms around Lacey’s waist and the reached down and grabbed her ass.  Lacey smiled and leaned in and kissed Lisa on the lips, Lacey felt Lisa’s tongue push between her lips and she did the same.

Soon Lacey was on her knees, lapping at her best friends pussy, because that’s what best friends were for after all.

Lacey and Lisa walked in to the pool room, it was mid day and it was pretty much deserted, but there were a few people playing.  Lisa spotted a lone well dressed, at least well dressed for this part of town, man near the back.

Lisa pated Lacey on the ass and pointed over to him, Lacey brushed her hands down her thin white dress and then headed over to the table.

“Hi, like do yuo want someone to play with?” she asked as she put her hands on the edge of the table, turned her wrists inward and used her upper arms to squeeze her tits together.

The man raised an eyebrow before replying, “Sure honey, grab a stick.”

Lacey grabbed a house cue as the man racked the balls and broke them.

The game went quickly and when it was over she had lost badly, but that was ok.  She grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head, exposing her tits.

A confused expression passed over his face and Lacey smiled, sitting back against the table next to the one they were playing on.

“Like, it was strip pool right?”

His expression turned from confusion to hunger as he watched her swing her tits back and forth.  She stood up and walked around the table, nuzzling up against his chest and then grabbing his shirt and pulling him to the floor.  She quickly found his zipper and fished out his hard shaft, taking in to her mouth.

He never noticed her reach in to his pocked and remove his wallet and by the time he had recovered, Lacey and Lisa were long gone.