Even though the cold war bimbo programs were heavily monitored by many governments, some of their products could never be traced back to their origins.

Take for example this model.  It was found in the home of a highly regarded senator and had been customized to his specific requirements and performed flawlessly until his untimely death in an automobile accident.

It was found in his house, still following his last orders, masturbating in front of a video camera that had long ago run out of tape.  She was still repeating the same phrases over and over again.

“Gosh Mr. Smith, Washington is the best city in the world!”

“You mean I can really stay here with you in your big house?”

“Oh my god thank you baby!”

“Of course I’ll suck your cock, like every day, twice on Sunday!”

“And you can fuck my pussy and ass any time you want, your the best!”