Everything she owned was in the case and it was filled with sexy, frilly things.

It wasn’t like that a month ago.  A month ago she’d been a actress in LA, well ok, a waitress in LA trying to be an actress, but none the less she had an apartment and normal clothes.

Then she covered her roommate’s night shift at the dinner that they both worked at and something had happened.  The night started off normal enough, the after club crowd came in around 3am and were mostly gone by 4.  But one guy hung around and ordered breakfast.

He’d hit on her of course, but she brushed it off and then he’d said he was a talent scout and handed her his card.  She’d taken it and a tingle ran up her arm and spread out over her body.  By the time she recovered, he was gone, having left cash for his order and enough for a generous tip as well.

She hadn’t thought about him afterwards, she’d stuck the card in her purse and headed home after her shift and gone to sleep.

That first days sleep had been terrible, she tossed and turned as her mind raced and she never really managed much more than a few hours at a time.

The next few nights were better, but stranger still.  Each night she woke up, her fingers in her pussy, masturbating to some erotic dream that she just couldn’t remember.

By the end of the week, she was masturbating before bed and when she woke up in the morning as well, but she was still not satisfied.  That was when she had started to throw out clothes as well.  Her mostly conservative wardrobe seemed wrong, ugly, repulsive, she couldn’t even hold them for any length of time and several pieces found the trash bin each day.

By the end of the second week, she had very little left and she was wearing the most conservative thing she had.  Though she hadn’t been able to button it all the way up and had found her hand tugging at the collar several times trying to show more cleavage.  She looked down and found herself doing it again as she sat on top of the large brown suitcase.

It was the only suitcase she owned and she’d lugged it all the way from Oklahoma with her when she’d moved to LA last year.  She fidgeted on top of it as she thought back over the last two weeks, once she’d taken care of her clothing, she’d started getting rid of everything else as well.  Her laptop, her phone and everything else had been sold off or given away.  By the time she’d left the apartment an hour ago, all that was left was her bed, which she’d told her roommate to give to the next person she got to move in.

And so here she was, sitting at the train station, everything she owned in the suitcase she sat on top of, waiting.

Waiting for… what?  She didn’t know but she knew she need to stay and so she did.

She felt the hand rest on her shoulder and she looked up at the man from the dinner as an orgasm washed over her.  She parted her lips and let out a moan as he looked down at her and she finally understood.

Her owner had arrived to take possession of her.

He guided her up on to her feet and lead her through the train station, his arm around her waist as she struggled to carry the suitcase.  

They arrived at a private car and a man standing by the door took the case from her hands as they passed by.  He pressed his hand firmly on to her ass as he pushed her up in to the car and she let him guide her in through the car towards the back of it where the blinds were drawn.

He grabbed her waist and twisted her around, pulling her close as he invaded her mouth with his tongue and she greedily accepted it.

When he pulled away she felt empty until he spoke, “Undress.” just one word was all it took to fill her again and she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving just her frilly bra and panties to cover her modesty.

Those fell away just as quickly as did her stockings until she stood nude before him.  As she dropped to her knees, she realized that of all the sexy, frilly things she had kept, she was the sexiest and frilliest of them all.