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Tara woke up slowly as the pain in her joints cascaded throughout her body.  She blinked several times until her eyes adjusted to the bright room and she saw her predicament reflected in the mirrors that formed the walls around her.

The heavy metal chair and straps held her tightly and she pulled against them, the creaking from the chair was all the impact she had as she struggled with all her strength.

After a few minutes of trying, she tried to see any other detail in the room that might help her escape.

She studied the chair, it was obviously built to hold her and do more than that.  It had several attachments on it, one above her head that she couldn’t quite figure out what it might be fore, but the one below her was quite obviously going to be used to penetrate her.

She looked at the wheels on the base of the chair and tried to “hop” the chair forward, but she couldn’t get any leverage and the wheels seemed to be locked in place as well.

Finally, she relaxed and waited, she knew The Count would be in shortly to tell her all about her plan and she didn’t have to wait long either.

A few minute later the door across the room opened and he walked in.

“Ah, comfortable are well?” he said, obviously not really expecting an answer as she could feel an inflated gag in her mouth.

“Yes, well, I did promise you would not find your stay pleasant.  Well, not a first at least.” he gave an evil laugh and walked towards her.

He reached up to the device above her head, she tried to jerk her whole body but against found the restraints foiled her.

“Now, now, don’t get all worked up.” he said as he turned something and a single drop of clear liquid dropped down in front of her, falling directly in to the metal framework in front of her face.

It had a strong oder to it and she tried to avoid inhaling it, but eventually the need for oxygen overcame her and she inhaled it deeply.

The effect was immediate, she felt her head start to spin and the room with it.  She could hear The Count’s voice, but it seems strange, distant, almost spinning in time with the room.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, now just relax and breath deep as you listen to the nice soothing voice coming over the speakers.” he said as he walked out of the room.  As soon as the door closed, his voice bellowed from the speakers.

“You are weak.  You are submissive.  You are a doll.  You are a weak, submissive, doll.”

The words repeated over and over as the room spun and Tara fought as hard as she could, but as the second drop of liquid filled her nostrils her will slipped away from her and she let the words in.

Tara woke in the chair, she didn’t know how long she’d been there but the words were still echoing through he mind.  Weak… Submissive… Doll.

She shut her eyes and tried to block them out but they stubbornly refused to go.  Whatever the clear liquid was she knew it was powerful and that she wouldn’t be able to fight it’s effects.  She tried to break the bonds again, but to no avail.  She bit down as hard as she could on the gag in her mouth and was horrified to watch a drop of the liquid drop free from the device above her.  As soon as the scent hit her nose her body inhaled on it’s own.

The speakers came to life again.

“You are a slave.  You obey your master.  Your master is The Count.”

The words repeated several times as the effects of the liquid started to wear off, but as the last repetition completed, one additional statement was added.

“Bite down on the gag.”

Her mind tried to fight, but the urge to obey, the wonderful scent of the liquid and the spinning of her head worked against her and she felt her jaw close tightly around the gag.  A single drop once more falling in front of her.

“You exist for pleasure.  You exist to please your master.  Your body is for your masters use.” the words echoed through the room as the dildo rose up and pushed in to her pussy.

Tara moaned through the gag as she squeezed it once more for another drop of the liquid.  She came as the aroma entered her at the same time as the dildo and she cried out in pleasure as best as she could.

“Your mind is empty.  You have no thoughts but what your master tells you.  You belong to your master.”

The words echoed through her mind but did not register, there was nothing left after the days spent in the chair.  All that was left in the chair was a empty vessel, waiting to be filled.

The recording stopped and the door opened, The Count entering the room smiling.

He walked up and unlocked the shackles, freeing The High Huntress from the chair and removing the gag from her mouth.  She did not move as her blank eyes stared directly ahead.

“What is your name?” he said.

Her eyes managed to focus on him, but no words left her lips.

“Who are you?”, still no response.

“Do you want me to tell you who you are?” he asked.

She managed a small nod and his smile grew even more.

“Very well.  You are Barbie, my personal assistant and body guard.  You have given yourself completely to me and obey my every command without thought of hesitation.  Your body exists for my pleasure and you are eager to please me in any way you can.”

Her masters words filled her mind and Barbie was glad he had told her who she was.