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Barbie stood in front of her desk at the embassy and checked herself over.  She was wearing The Count’s favorite outfit today, it showed off the new tits he had bought her as soon as she’d started working at the embassy.  They’d been done by the best surgeon in the city and The Count had had to pay extra so that the surgeon didn’t spill the beans on her superpowers.

Barbie didn’t know why that was important, but she didn’t think about it and giving the surgeon a blow job was just icing on the cake for her.

She ran her hands down her pants, smoothing them out before checking herself out in the full length mirror just beside The Count’s office door.

She giggled and touched the “H” that was her belt buckle, she wasn’t sure what it stood for, but The Count seemed to like it so she wore it a lot.

She knocked on his door before entering, “Excuse me sir, it’s time for your 3pm.” she said as she walked over to his desk.

He smiled as she floated up and over the desk, spreading her legs and landing on his lap.

He grabbed hold of her left tit and squeezed it, “Mmmmm… yes sir, squeeze it hard!”.

She flung her long hair back over her shoulder and let her head fall backwards as he grabbed her right tit and did the same.

He grabbed hold of the neckline and ripped her top in two, a momentary pang of sadness came over her as the ruined outfit dropped to the floor.  It was replaced by the sting of his hand slapping her left tit hard.

She flung her head forward again, “Yes!” she called out as she made eye contact with him and dove in to meet his lips with her own.

As she did, her hands moved down to his pants and undid them, she floated up just enough to pull them and his underwear off before returning to his lap.

“Time for the High Huntress to go low to find her quarry.” he said and her eyes glossed over, she pushed his chair back and dropped to her knees between his legs.

“The High Huntress always gets her quarry!” she said as she pushed her tits together and wrapped them around his hard shaft.

“The High Huntress will chase you up and down the street!  Up and down, up and down, up and down…” she repeated as she worked her two perfectly round spheres up and down his shaft.

She felt his cum hit her chin and face before dropping back down on to her tits, “The High Huntress has caught her quarry!” she called out as her orgasm rocked her.

As soon as it passed she scooped up her quarry and licked it from her fingers before placing her lips around The Counts softening shaft to get every last drop of her quarry that she could.