Jessica opened the package and pulled out the packing material until she found the jar near the bottom of it.  She held it in her hands and smiled, she’d ordered the latest nano product online months ago and had been waiting for it to come since.

Jessica was one of the few that couldn’t use the standard nanosuits due to an allergy to the synthetic materials used in the matrix that held them together.  But the new “liquid” nanosuit used only organic materials for it’s matrix and was guaranteed to be allergy friendly.

The jar contained a jet black liquid and she rummaged around the box until she found the controller and instructions as well.  She quickly flipped through the small pamphlet and then headed in to her bathroom, stripping her clothes off as she did so.

She twisted the top off the jar and spread a small amount over her chest, then waited a moment.  The instructions had said to apply it in small amounts until she felt a tingle spread over the covered surface and a connection was established with the controller.

After a moment and no tingle, she applied some more pushing it over her breasts and down her body.  A moment later she felt the tingle start and she picked up the controller, carefully holding it in her nano solution covered fingers.

The initialization routine started up and she set the controller down and watch the black coating move over her body, coating her from neck to toe in a mate black coating.

When it complete she picked the controller up and started looking through the selections, finding what she was looking for and selected the “Pixie Perfect” option and then setting the controller down on the counter.  The coating started to flow up over her head and covered her entire face and hair as she felt it start to go to work, reshaping her body.

She watched her reflection in the mirror, waiting for the program to complete but it seemed to be taking longer than she expected.

She tried to move, but found her body no longer responding.  She tried to look down at the controller but couldn’t quite see what was on the display.  She could see something flashing on the screen but it was just out of sight.

Henry rang the doorbell again but there was still no answer, Jessica’s car was in the driveway and they’d agreed he’d pick up his belongings today.  He shook his head and turned the handle of the door, it opened with just a push and so he walked in.

They’d broken up a few weeks ago, well, she’d dumped him a few weeks ago and she’d been kind of nasty about it doing it in public when they were out with friends.

He’d been hurt but knew it was over when she’d called him and told him to come pick up his stuff.

He walked in to the living room and found a box of his stuff, but also another box that was sitting out as well that was empty.  He read the label and immediately knew what it was, she’d been talking about it for weeks.

He checked the delivery date, it was two days ago and a smile spread across his face.  If he knew her, she’d have tried it out right away, which meant she hadn’t heard about the product recall.

He walked up the stairs he called out her name but there was no response.

He walked in to the bathroom and saw her standing there, covered head to toe in the black ooze.  He picked up the controller and read the screen, “Connection to nano solution lost!”

He stepped back and cleared the message and then started scrolling through the options.  She’d selected “Pixie Perfect” which he left, but then added a few more.

Once he was done, he stepped closer to her and the controller reconnected to the nano solution and continued the program.

Jessica had been standing in front of the mirror for what seemed like forever, she’d see the sun set and rise and set again.  When she heard the doorbell ring out she hoped someone would come in to help her.  Then she remembered Henry, he was supposed to come over and pick up his stuff and she defiantly didn’t want him finding her like this.

The doorbell rang again and a moment later she heard the door open and Henry enter her home.  A minute or two passed and she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then Henry called out to her.

She stood helpless, immobile and exposed as she saw his reflection enter the bathroom in the mirror and pick up the controller before stepping back out of the room.

She waited, trying to open her mouth and explain, but the nano solution held her in place.

He re-entered the room and held the controller up close to her and she felt the nano solution start to go to work again, this time she felt it flow in to her mind and blackness engulfed her.

The nano solution pulled back and followed down Jessica’s body and back in to the jar that Henry held.  He smiled as her blank eyes stared straight ahead in to the mirror.

When it finished he lifted his hand to her face and turned it towards him, her unblinking eyes meeting his.


No response came.


Still no response.


“J-Bot ready for commands.” Jessica’s voice intoned.

Henry smiled, “J-Bot, engage oral mode.”

“Oral mode engaged.”  J-Bot responded and sunk to her knees, finding Henry’s hardening shaft in his pants and fishing it out before taking it in her mouth.