Annabelle reclined in the therapists chair and fidgeted, there was something wrong with it.  It was her third visit to the therapist and each time she’d gotten more and more uncomfortable in it.

Finally he’d noticed and suggested that it was perhaps her clothes that were the problem and so she’d stood up and slipped out of her dress before sitting back down.

That had helped but there was still something wrong.

He’d suggest she might like a better view and so she’d turned around and looked out through the gossamer drapes in front of the window and on to the city skyline.

That had helped more, but there was something still wrong.  She wiggled her ass trying to get comfortable when his voice suggested she push down in to the chair and get her chin down on to the head rest.

She had to push her ass up in to the air to get all the way down but she had to admit that it felt much better with her tits pushed in to the back of the chair than it had before.

She started to relax as the session started and soon was floating away for her cares and worries.  So much so she didn’t even notice him lift her arms up and place them behind her back.

Or him tug her panties to the side and slide in to her wet, eager pussy.  The only thing she noticed was how much she loved coming to her therapy session.