With all the modern conveniences of modern air travel, you may wonder why I choose to travel by ship?

Well, in truth, it’s my old fashion nature.  A side effective of immortality I guess.  You tend to get use to something and stick with it longer than perhaps you should.

It was the same with horses when trains came along.  I spent a month traveling across the continent many times on horse back when a train would have done the job much quicker.  So it had been with cars and now airplanes.

Of course, when you’re not in a hurry faster is not always better.  So here I was, traveling across the sea at a leisurely rate, relaxing in my cabin.

That’s when the knock at my door disturbed me and I felt their presence outside of the cabin.  I pulled myself out of the my chair on the balcony and walked back trough my suite and opened the door.

In front of me stood the Captain, a stern looking woman in her forties and a slightly younger looking woman standing beside her.

“Hello, I’m Captain Diaz and this is the ship entertainment directory Mrs. Torez.” the Captain said.

I smiled and nodded slightly, “Hello, what can I do for you Captain?”

“Well, since you have the the VIP suite, I just wanted to make sure everything was to your liking.  Mrs. Torez said that you’ve hardly left your room and the company always likes to make sure our important guests like yourself are completely satisfied.”

In my long life I had seen so many changes to civilization, but the recent accent of women to places of power was the most welcome I had seen so far.  Trodden under the foot of oppression for so long it was invigorating to see.

Of course with that rise also came so many new ideas that men would never of thought of on their own and recently I’d been dipping my toe in to some of them.

“Well Captain, now that you mention it there is something that could increase my satisfaction.” I said, reaching in to my pocket and pulling out a small green gem, shaped like an octahedron.

I held it between my finger and thumb and raised it up in front of them.

The both had a quizzical look in their face which quickly turned to surprise as the gem floated up from my hand and in front of their face.  It started to turn and the spin as I focused on it with my mind.

The Captain was the first to realize something was wrong and take a step back.  It was to late though and she stopped in her tracks as my thoughts projected through the gem on to them.

Their bodies started to shift as their minds were overcome with my thoughts.

A moment later it was done.  

“So, Captain, you were saying?”  I asked the blonde with the hat on that stood in front of me.

“Hummm… like… I’m Captain Ditz and this is Miss Torez, the like, entertainment.  I was totally wondering if you needed *anything*?” she said, leaning forward and pushing her large tits out.

“Well now that you mention it, I could use some entertaining, why don’t’ you come in.”

The two blondes walked in past me, the effects of the stone were short lived, a few hours at best, but that was lots of time to have some fun and make the trip pass a bit faster.