Julia could hardly keep her eyes open, it had been such a long day moving in to the dorm and her parents had finally left just a little while ago. She’d moved in a few days early to avoid the last minute rush so she was pretty much the only one moved in.  There was someone in the dorm room next door but the door had been closed all day, a sheet of paper taped to it, “Science Club meeting in progress”.

The only thing keeping her awake at this point was the pounding base from the room next door.  It had been playing all day long, a muffled relentless noise coming from behind the closed door.  She’d tuned it out for most of the day, but now it was all she could hear as her body tried to shut down for the night.

She flopped down on her bed and tried to block it out, but something about the vocals seemed to draw her attention. She couldn’t quite make them out no matter how hard she tried.  The rhythm seemed to move through her body, not letting it relax, but somehow she shut her eyes and drifted off.

But it wasn’t sleep, it was something else, as she drifted deeper and deeper she could finally start to make out the words.

“Horny” she made out and she had to admit, that even though she was exhausted, she was horny too.  Without thinking about it, her hand reached down between her legs and found her pussy.

A few minutes later she managed to make out another lyric from the song, “submissive”.

She’d never thought of herself as submissive, but hearing it now it just seemed so right.

The next word she made out was “bimbo” and she scrunched her forehead, she wasn’t a bimbo was she?

No, she was going to college to get a degree, wasn’t she?

The word repeated over and over, her fingers twirled around her pussy until it had worked its way deep in to her mind and a giggle escaped her lips.

Suddenly the lyrics became crystal clear…

“You are a horny submissive bimbo slut.  Play with your pussy and when you cum you will belong to the science club.”

It repeated over and over as Julia’s fingers increased their speed and her lips followed along with the lyrics until her orgasm exploded.

Julia opened her eyes and stood up, her body bouncing to the beat of the music as she walked out of her door room and down the hall.  She twisted the handle and opened the door, the tape holding the paper letting go and the note falling to the floor as the door closed behind her.