Stacey held the wooden bow tie between her fingers and felt the hand crafted material, it was smooth and flawless.  She turned it over and looked at the attached ribbon of silk and she could tell someone had spent a lot of time on it.

She smiled for some reason, it wasn’t really what she was looking for when she’d headed out that morning, but after searching through so many stalls at the flee market, it was the first thing that had caught her eye.

After a quick negotiation with the man at the booth, she walked away with her new found treasure.

Stacy looked in the mirror, her short blonde hair framing her face as she brushed it to the side to wrap the silk band around her neck.  She secured it with the clasp and took a look in the mirror.

She smiled broadly as the wooden bow tie sat perfectly between her chin and collar bone.  She wiggled it a bit and noticed that it looked like it could turn all the way around.

Her smile lasted for a moment until she noticed something was wrong.  Well not wrong per say, more like something wasn’t quite right.  Something didn’t match.  She looked at the simple t-shirt she was wearing and walked back out to the bedroom and started to look through her closet.  She found a nice blue tank top that looked like it matched the silk of the bow tie and quickly changed in to it.

Once more standing in front of the mirror she admired her top, it was so much better than the t-shirt, but something was still off.  She looked at her jeans in the mirror and frowned.

Another quick trip to the closet produced a matching skirt to the top and it was so much better.

Of course with such an amazing accessory as the bow tie, just about anything would look good!

A giggle escaped Stacey’s lips as a naughty thought crossed her mind.

Pulling the top up over her head and the skirt down to her ankles, she stood back up and looked in the mirror, naked except for the bow tie.  A sudden wave of pleasure passed over her body and her small nipples stood erect.

She walked out to the bedroom, fondling the bow tie as she did and sat down on the bed, her hands falling to her side as a sense of complete calmness came over her.

She wasn’t sure how long she sat there, the mix of calmness and pleasure keeping her on edge the whole time.  It wasn’t until David walked in that she moved, she looked up in to his eyes and saw a mix of surprise and confusion there.

Her hands rose up to the bow tie once more and she turned it once around clockwise.

David walked in on his girlfriend sitting on the edge of the bed naked.  Well almost naked, she was wearing some kind of bow tie around her neck that he’d never seen before.  The expression on her face was strange as well, her face was almost slack, but he could see the passion in her eyes.

He was about to open his mouth when she raised her hands up to the bow tie and turned it once around.

If he’d been confused before, he was dumbfounded as he watch Stacey’s body change, her hair growing down her neck, her breasts expanding, her waist thinning.  A moan came from her lips as she turned it.

When the rotation was complete, a new Stacey sat before him.  It was still her, just… more.

He walked over and placed his hand on the side of her head, she tilted her head upwards and her expression didn’t change but her hands fell once more to her side.

“Stacey, can you hear me?”

Stacey’s face didn’t change, her eyes locked on him but no words escaped her.

He reached down and fiddled with the bow tie, turning it back counter clockwise and watch Stacey’s body return back to it’s original state.  He turned it counter clockwise once more and he watch her body shrink and loose some of its curves.

He turned it clockwise twice and then a third time and watched her first return to her normal form, then expand not once but twice until a blonde bombshell version of his girlfriend sat before him.  Her large, firm tits defied gravity, her tiny waist seemed like it would snap in half as it tried to hold up her chest.

Her long blonde hair reach down to her mid back and seemed to have taken on some curls and was even lighter than normal.

He bend down and placed his lips on her now plump pillows that dominated her face.

Stacey felt David’s lips touch hers and pleasure cascaded from them down her body to her pussy, she pushed her tongue in to his mouth and closed her eyes as his tongue explored hers.

David pushed her back on to the bed and pulled from of her lips, only to find him sucking on one of her enlarged nipples.  The orgasm took her by surprise but she didn’t have enough time to react before the second one and the third one washed over her.  

Her mind was awash in pleasure as David found her pussy, his tongue probing her and sending wave after wave of pleasure between the orgasms until she lost track of everything but the need for more and more.

When she felt David push in to her she cried out in passion and her whole body spasmed as she lost consciousness as she felt his hot cum enter her.

David pushed hard one last time as he came and he watched Stacey’s body arch and then collapse.

He fell down on top of her, resting his head between her massive tits for a moment before reaching up an twisting the bow tie counter clockwise twice.

Stacey’s body returned to its normal shape and he caressed the bow tie, smiling.

He didn’t know where she had gotten it, or how it was possible, but he was sure that having his own wind up sex doll was going to be a lot of fun.