Kimmy sat in her seat and tried to scream, but nothing escaped her glossy pink lips.  Her body sat straight up, pushing her large fake breasts out in front of her as her dyed blonde hair came down and rest on the tops of them.

Her skimpy top and ripped jeans exposed more of her skin than was appropriate but her pink headphones, connected to her pink phone, continued to play the loop that she’d been listening too all day over and over again.

“You are ready for your trip.  You must be presentable when you arrive.  You need to obey.”

The plane taxied around the airport and the flight attendants came through the cabin for their final checks.

“Excuse me miss, you have to take off your headphones for take off.” the smiling brunette said.

She remembered when she had hair like that, it wasn’t really that long ago, just a few months.

“Oh, like of course!  I totally forgot! *giggle*” she said as she raised her perfectly manicured pink nails up to her head and removed the headphones.

She tried so hard to speaking normally, but the words just wouldn’t come out right.  She remembered the loop that had change that, “You speak like a valley girl.  You only speak when spoken too.  You giggle whenever you can.”

Even though the words were no longer in her ears, she could still hear them repeating in her mind.  Just like the loop from today.

The plane rumbled down the runway and lurched in to the air, a few moments later the seatbelt sign turned off and she placed her headphones on once more.  This time she selected the loop titled “In the air”.

She hesitated for a moment and thought back to just six months ago, she’d been in Vegas for a bachelorette party with her friends.  She’d gotten *very* drunk and hooked up with some guy that she didn’t even remember really.  She’d woken up the next morning in her room, her basic black headphones over her head, the first loop playing.

She hadn’t paid it much mind, it was kind of weird, but nothing she was worried about, “You will listen to the loop.  You will listen to any loop I send you.  You must listen to the loop.”

She hadn’t even thought about it until she was just about to get in to the shower and realized she still had her headphones on.  She’d managed, with a bit of trouble, to take them off and get cleaned up before putting them back on afterwards.

Since then she’d received a steady stream of loops to listen to.

At first they were simple, little things.  A change of clothes, some more makeup, slightly different colors.

Then they had progressed on to bigger and bigger things.  Drop out of school, dye her hair, go to the gym more, drop her friends and family.

Finally they’d gone all the way; get a job at the strip club, get larger breasts, talk and act like a bimbo, obey your master.

Then last week, the two loops had arrived, the one she had just been listening too and the one that her finger was hovering over the play button for.

She tried desperately to press delete instead but her thumb hit the play button and the voice once more came over the headphones.

“You belong to your master.  Your master owns you.  Your master is in the seat next to you.”

Kimmy tried to muffle her orgasm as much as possible as the words reverberated through her head and she turned to the man in the seat next to her, a single word quietly escaping her lips, “Master!”