Betty swung her arm and came down on the water, propelling herself forward towards the other end of the pool.  Her slim, but taught, body moving easily through the water, the smell of chlorine filling her nostrils each time her head came above the water for a breath.

She touched the edge of the pool and let her legs fall down below her, looking around there was no one else around and she smiled.  It had been a long night out on patrol but the swim had felt good and she let out a deep breath as she turned around and let her feet float up a bit as she held on to the edge of the pool.

She’d been coming to the public pool for the last few weeks, sure she could have gone over to Brian’s mansion, but she felt guilty when she did so this was better.  And besides, this early in the morning, no one else was ever here so it was almost like a private pool anyway.

The water lapped up against her, it’s smooth rhythmic motion relaxing her even more as the kinks of the nights activities flowed out of her body.  She let out a sigh and let her mind wander as she looked up in to be morning sky as the sun began to rise.  As she bobbed up and down she slowly closed her eyes as her mind cleared and her lips parted.

The water felt so good, almost like a thousand little hands massaging her entire body and soon her nipples stood at attention as she lost herself in the swelling pleasure throughout her body.

Her hand moved down under her swimsuit and she spread her pussy lips and if she hadn’t known better, could have sworn something phallic pushed in to her.

Her hips responded and moved back and forth as if there was and soon the only thoughts were of the pleasure pulsing throughout her body.

Betty rode the water up and over the crest of her orgasm, as it splash over her face, trickling down her cheeks and in to her ears.

WaterMaster looked to the end of the pool in the dim morning light as BatLasse’s body moved in rhythm to the water dildo he was moving in and out of her.

It had been pure luck he’d seen her jump the fence at the public pool as she left yesterday and he hadn’t been sure she’d come back, but he took a chance and came early today.  And luck was on his side, he’d waited for her to change in to her swim suit and get in to the pool.  As soon as she’d stopped swimming he’d started to work the water around her, flowing it in to every crevasse of her body.

He watched her cum and the water splashed up on to her face, he quickly took control of it and directed it to her ears, pushing it in to them and working it all the way to her brain.

Betty felt something was wrong as she came down from her orgasmic high, she felt like there was something massaging her brain.  It wasn’t a bad feeling, in fact it was heavenly!

A moan escaped her lips as she pulled herself from the pool and managed to get to her knees, placing her hands on the sides of her head.  A sudden explosion of pleasure exploded from her mind and she dropped a hand to the concrete to steady herself.  Her back arched and a cry of pleasure echoed across the pool as she lost consciousness.

Betty regained consciousness standing in front of the mirror in the change room of the pool.  Her naked body still had a slight sheen of water all over it.  She immediately tried to cover up but found her arms did not obey her and instead her body turned toward the bench by the lockers.  

On the bench was a duffel bag that she hadn’t seen before and her body walked over to it and unzipped it.  Inside was something shiny and her hands pulled it out and started to put it on.  It was made of latex and it took quite a while for her body to squirm its way in to it.  When it covered her from heck to ankle her body retrieved the next item from the bag, two stiletto heel shoes.

They slipped on much easier and afterwards her hands went back to the bag, pulling out a shiny black corset.  Her body continued to work on it’s own, lacing the corset loosely at first and then taking in a deep breath and holding it while her strong arms tightened the laces as much as they could.

She tried to fight her own body but to no avail, her hands went back in to the bag and pulled out the final item, a belt with several cases on it that wrapped around her hips.

Her body then turned back to the mirror for a moment before walking back towards the exit to the pool.

Her body walked out in to the early morning light and her legs took long strides towards the other side of the pool when she saw WaterMaster sitting in one of the cots.  Her heels clicked across the concrete until they came to a halt, her body took up a pose in front of him and he smiled.

She fought as hard as she could, but simply stood in place.

He lifted his finger and beckoned her forward as he spread his legs and pulled the towel from his lap, exposing his erect cock.

Her body once more came to life and she arrived at the side of the cot, bending at the waist and her lips wrapped around his shaft.

As soon as they did pleasure burst in to her mind and she recognized what he was doing, he could control her body but not her mind.  But the two were linked and he could induce pleasure in her mind and while he commanded her body, given enough time he wouldn’t need to do either.

As her head bobbed up and down, wave after wave washed over her mind and soon she wasn’t fighting it any more.