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Agent Adrianna Black stepped out of the helicopter, her gloved hand holding the door as she looked over to the two men in suits waiting for her.

“What have you got for me?” she asked directly.

“Just as you said Agent Black, it’s a human trafficking ring, based her in Spain.” the first man said, handing her a folder of papers.

She opened the folder and flicked through it, the documents were visa’s of young women, their photos were attached to each one.  They were pretty and far away from home, the human traffickers had targeted for just those reasons.

“Alright, let’s get a move on then.” she said, handing the folder back to the man and striding towards the waiting car.

Adrianna had been tracking this ring for months, but had never managed to get beyond the hired help.  She was hoping that here in their home country she’d finally be able to crack the case.

She peered down at the building from across the street, her night vision goggles giving her a clear view of the large man standing in the shadows, just to the side of the entrance at the back of it.  She quietly moved from rooftop to rooftop, working her way down the street until she could safely cross over and start back towards her target.

When she arrived, she looked over the edge of the building and found her prey standing in the same place.  She hooked her line on to the side of the roof, carefully lowered herself over the side and silently lowered herself down.  She arrived just behind the man and took out a small blow gun, aiming for his neck and giving a small puff as the dart flew through the air and landed perfectly.

The man raised his hand and slapped at the annoyance, only to collapse on to the ground before he even had a chance to look at his hand after taking it away.

Adrianna set herself down on to the street and rummaged through his jacket until she found the pass card.  She quickly slide it through the reader by the door and heard the click of the lock, a quick twist of the handle and she was inside.

The dark hallway lead to a set of stairs and she moved swiftly up them, turning to the left she was greeted with another hallway, but this time filled with doors.  She moved down it, each door marked with a number until she arrived at the end where the door had no marking on it at all.

She used the pass card once more and moved quickly in to the room.  It had a single large wooden desk in it and behind it sat a man, on the desk was a computer monitor turned towards her, a video feed of the hall way outside was on it and she could see the door swinging shut behind her.

Before she could react, a second man standing beside the desk fired his stun gun and she felt the barbs penetrate her abdomen.  She managed to draw her own weapon, but her muscles contracted as the electricity flowed through her body and she collapsed on to the floor.