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Adrianna woke up and saw nothing but blackness.  She could feel something compressing her whole body as well as the bindings that secured her hands behind her back and her legs as well.  She struggled to hear anything but only a slight hiss seemed to be detectable to her.

She tried to call out, but found her mouth filled with something that extended well back in to her throat.  She tried to move and that’s when an uncomfortable feeling presented itself to her rear end.

There was clearly something wedged firmly in both of her lower holes.

She closed her eyes, which changed nothing but helped her recall what had happened.  The man behind the desk as she entered the room wasn’t known to her, he was older, well dressed and clearly not a thug.  She cast her minds eye over to the man beside the desk and recognition flashed in her brain.  It was the agent who had briefed her when she’d gotten off the helicopter!

She’d been set up from the beginning.  She thrashed around, trying to get her bonds loose but only managing to tip herself over on to the floor.  After a few minutes, she calmed down and found she had gained no advantage, the bonds held her just as tightly.

A moment later a voice filled her ears, “Are we all settled then Agent Black?”

A muffled scream was all she could offer in response.

“Yes, well, I guess that will have to do.  You have been a real pain in my side Agent Black, shutting down so many of my operations.”

Adrianna struggled once more, she was so close to the man she’d been hunting, but here she was, completely helpless to do anything about it.

“The good news is that as soon as you shut one down, I opened two more to replace it.  But here, in Spain, I own so much more than you can know, like your friends in the agency.  They were only too happy to let me know you had arrived and where you would be going next.

Now then, you might be wondering why I didn’t simply kill you and move on?”

She’d been too busy with her predicament to think about it actually, but it was a good question.

“You see, human trafficking has been stuck in the past, I’ve moved it to the future.  My product isn’t just a broken girl without any fight left in her, no I specialize in something so much more interesting.  Let me demonstrate.”

Suddenly a bright light filled her eyes and sound, other than the man’s voice, filled her ears.  It was porn, but not just any old porn, it was cheep porn.  Low production values, all shot from the woman’s point of view and with a bad music soundtrack as well.

It started out with the view looking up at a naked man and soon moved on to a blowjob.  As it played she felt the object in her mouth come to life and vibrate.

The video played and the buzzing sent waves of pleasure through her body, soon she saw the man pull out and spray cum over the camera and to her surprise she felt a small orgasm wash over her as well.

The video turned off and the man once more spoke to her, “Just a little taste of what is to come, the video and audio are synchronized with the dildos in all three of your orifices but the real kicker is the drug cocktail you’ve been injected with.  It’s made your body more sensitive and jacked up your libido as well.”

She came back to her senses and tried to yell at the man once more but still only a muffled noise came from her.

“Well, enjoy, usually a person breaks after 10 to 12 hours, but I’m sure a highly trained agent like yourself will last longer than that.”

The video came back on and the audio as well as she closed her eyes and tried to resist.  Soon she felt the vibrator in her pussy come to life and she instinctively opened her eyes to find her vision filled with a man above her, pounding away at her.

She came a few minutes later when he sprayed cum on to her belly and the video went dark.  Before she could recover, the next video started and her eyes didn’t close.