Tabitha walked through the casino, briefcase in hand and Darren in tow trying to keep up.

Paying him no mind as he struggled with the large wheeled case he was responsible for, she powered her way to the rear of the casino and the offices that were there.  She walked up to the main management area and found the receptionist on the phone, Tabitha crossed her arms and her foot started to tap without her thinking about it.

When the receptionist finally hung up, Tabitha didn’t let her speak before starting in to her, “I’m her to see Lana and no I don’t have an appointment but the Chairman of the Board sent me personally so she’ll make time.”

The poor girl behind the desk looked flustered, and looked to almost be ready to have a fit when Tabitha simply walked around the desk and straight to the CEO’s office, only slowing down to push open the door.

“Lana, I’m Tabitha Terrance, Corporate Auditor.  The Chairman has asked me…” she started in to her prepared speech but stopped when she found a man behind the desk.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Ah, I’m Jacob.” he said smoothly and stood up.  He casually walked around the desk and extended his hand.

She took in in her own and gave a firm handshake.

“Where’s Lana?”

“Oh, Lana’s on medical leave at the moment, I’m backfilling her while she’s off.”

“Well… I’m here to conduct an audit of the books.  There’s some questions… the Chairman wants answered.”

“Of course, I can set you up in a boardroom.  I assume that will be acceptable for the both of you?”

Tabitha looked behind her at Darren and held back a snort, “Yes, that will be fine.”

Tabitha rubbed her temples as the glow of the computer screen filled the darkened boardroom.  It was late and it had been a long day.

“Darren, come over here.” she called out across the table.

Darren dutifully walked around to her, “What’s up boss?” he asked.

“What’s wrong with this spreadsheet?” she said, banging on the keyboard.

Darren placed one hand on the back of her chair and reached down and took the mouse from her hand.  His arm brushed up against hers and a sudden tingle ran up it.

“Here, you’ve done the formula wrong here.” he said, feeling his warm breath against the side of her head.  He kept moving the mouse, changing the spreadsheet in front of her as she felt his presence right beside her.  Several more times he brushed up against her again, each time the pleasant tingle returned and she even closed her eyes once when it happened to let it wash over her.

When she opened her eyes, Darren was sitting on the conference table, but his hand was resting gently on hers.

“Hey, it’s getting late Tabitha, why don’t we call it a day and grab a bite to each?”

“Well… I…” she hesitated, the pleasant tingling sending waves of confusion up her arm to her mind.  She didn’t have diner with underlings, did she?

“Come on, we’ve been here all day.”

“I… I…” she tried to say no, but he took her hand in to his and pulled her up from the chair, leading her towards the door.

“…ok.” she managed to get out as the left the office.

Tabitha watched Darren drive away from her house, a strange feeling of emptiness filling her.  She’d almost invited him in, the need deep inside of her had been growing all through dinner, but she’d managed to send him away.

She wasn’t sure that was for the best, but her body was telling her something different.

She walked in to her home and dropped her case before heading up to her bedroom and opening the large walk in closet, filled with her clothing.  She quickly got undressed and went straight for the bathroom, filling the tub and letting the warm water permeate her body.

Tabitha looked over the top of her laptop, across the table at Darren.  Her fingers were gently stroking her pussy through her skirt and her lips were slightly parted, but so far Darren hadn’t noticed.

She frowned, why hadn’t he noticed?  Did she really want him to notice?

Her head had been clear when she’d arrived this morning, but the longer the day had gone on, the hazier it had become.


“Yes Tabitha?”

“Can… can you come over here please?”

“Sure.” he replied and stood up, walking around the table.

When he arrived beside her, she pointed at her screen, “Can you help me again?” she asked.

Darren smiled, “Sure Tabitha.” he replied, extending his arm beside hers and pointing at the screen as well.

“You mean this?” he asked as he wrapped his hand around hers.

A moan escaped her lips, “Mmmmm… yes…”

She felt him guide her hand back towards her face and then her intertwined fingers touched her lower lip and another moan slipped from between them.

She turned her head towards his and extended her neck until her lips found his as her hand was guided down her blouse to her pussy and was rubbed up against it.

Soon she felt his tongue probe her mouth and she returned the favour as she was pulled up out of the chair.  His strong hands turned her around and then forward on to the conference table, her skirt pulled down around her ankles along with her granny panties.  The explosion of pleasure as his dick rubbed up against her dripping wet pussy produced a small cry of pleasure from her, which was followed by a much louder one as he pushed in to her.

After Darren had taken her on the conference table, things had moved quickly.

Let him take care of all the numbers, of course.

Sign off the audit even though it said nothing was out of order at the casino?  No problem.

Let Darren move in to her home, sure!

Get rid of all her boring old clothes to make room for Darren’s stuff?  Absolutely.

Let her hair down and get it dyed blonde, certainly.

Get implants and only dress in sexy lingerie?  I’d love to.

Tabitha knelt in front of the couch inside the walk-in closet and held her top open as Darren walked in from the shower.

He smiled as he inspected her assets, “I like the leopard print on the panties, it’s a nice touch.” he said and a wave of pleasure passed over her at the praise.

He walked over to the dresser and picked up a small device before coming back over to here, taking her face in his free hand, the familiar tingle engulfing her as he tilted her head up so she looked right in her eyes.

“I think it’s time for another review of the books.” he said.

Her eyes lit up and she got down on to her knees, taking his hardening dick in to her mouth and started to work her way down it.

She loved reviewing the books with Darren and her enthusiasm showed as she pushed and pulled her lips up and down his shaft until she received all of the cum she could suck from him.